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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 - Meet The New Spider-Man!


Now that Miles is officially Spider-Man, what's the next step in his superhero career? He still has a lot to learn along the way as Brian Bendis and Chris Samnee are helping to guide him along the way.

Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. He's received some approval but still has a long way to go before figuring everything out.

The Good

Usually when a hero first gains their power, we just see them immediately jump into the action. They pretty much have everything figured out. That hasn't been the case with Miles Morales. He is a young kid after all. He's finally come to terms with his new powers and the responsibility to use them as Spider-Man. He is now discovering what it's like trying to keep his powers and identity from his parents and even ponders over things like how he can keep his costume from stinking without anyone seeing him wash it. There's also his parents being in disagreement over the need for costumed heroes.

Because Miles' powers are new, he still doesn't know the full extent of what he can do and how to do everything his abilities allow him to. There could even be more that he is unaware of. All this puts us in the seat next to Miles. He's discovering everything and we're right there with him enjoying the ride.

Chris Samnee joins Bendis again and he gets to show off drawing Miles in action as he tries to figure out how his powers work. Miles also battles a supervillain but soon will be faced against a different kind of threat. Miles may be having a blast being Spider-Man but things are about to get pretty complicated.

The Bad

Miles got the approval by Nick Fury and Spider-Woman but he still has a lot to learn. With Fury now knowing who he is and because he feels some responsibility in the death of Peter Parker, you would think he would do more than just give him a new costume. We're seeing Miles out in action, facing a deadly villain, all while still trying to figure out what he can do and how to use his different abilities. I don't necessarily want to see issue after issue of Miles training with his powers but seeing him out in action like this makes Fury seem extremely irresponsible.

Miles battle is this issue is pretty random. There is a nice element in Miles seeks it out and in New York City, there's bound to always be a threat looming. It just didn't quite fit in with the story.

The Verdict

Miles is getting more comfortable in his new role as Spider-Man. There's still a lot he doesn't know and part of the fun is seeing a hero not master his new powers right from the beginning. It's the little details that we can count on Bendis to deliver. He always manages to put in those little doses of reality when it comes to what must go through the mind of a superhero. It does seem like Miles should receive some official training since Nick Fury discovered his identity a couple issues back. For now we get to enjoy Miles experiment with his power. Seeing more Chris Samnee art is a treat as well. Bendis is setting up some big things in the coming months and Miles is going to need all the experience he can get in order to survive being Spider-Man. It didn't seem possible that Ultimate Peter Parker could be replaced but Miles is shaping up to be a worthy successor.