Comic Vine Review


Tiny Titans #48


What does an eight-year-old girl that reads comics think of the unmasking of several members of the Tiny Titans.

Note: L'il G-Girl is an eight-year-old that reads comics.

The main ideas of the comic book were secret identities and cows and fruit. I thought it was weird that they didn't notice Barbara had red hair before taking off her mask. That was silly. I liked how Wonder Girl has a secret orange. Barbara has a disco ball in her secret lair. I really want one too. Barbara also had a red wig in her room. I don't know why she would need one.

The secret oranges of the Justice League was funny. The League of Just Us Cows are cute. Me and my mom want to get a cow but our backyard is too small. Batcow Beyond was really cool and funny because he's supposed to be like Terry [McGinnis].

I really like this comic book. I've read all the issues since before I was in Kindergarten. I like the art and the colors. I think it's cool that they show you who everyone is at the beginning on the first page.

I didn't like that it was short. I don't think it was a good idea that they all took off their masks. I didn't understand why Barbara's dad and Chief O'Hara had cans of red paint. [They were about to paint the town red]. Robin's shorts look like they belong to Aqualad because they look like water [scales].

People should read this because it's funny and entertaining.