Comic Vine Review


Thor: God of Thunder #5 - The God Butcher, Part Five of Five: Dream of a Godless Age


The motives of the 'The God Butcher' are revealed in the latest issue of this series.

The Good

Three Thor's from three different points in time attempt to eradicate The God Butcher, but will they succeed? This story has been very interesting. We were initially introduced to this murderer of the Gods very briefly, and I really like the way the story has unfolded gradually. It is now, in the fifth issue that we get a closer look at the adversary of this story and a peek at not only who he is but also at what his motives are. His "dream of a Godless Age" is really a rather interesting concept that goes far deeper than just this surface notion that Gods should die. He has a reason for it, for this desire to eliminate them and it is something that we see here in this issue at the very start of the story.

It is interesting to see the three versions of Thor's character (young, middle aged and old) interact in this issue, each one fighting together against a common enemy. It is clear the character aged and matured over time, and it is interesting to see that play out here in this issue. We also see the battle between these two characters take place over an extended period of time. This killer has come after Thor time and again, and we get to see that replayed over and over.

The art, once again, is really beautiful. The colors are perfect to tell this somber story, and some of the close ups of the characters capture the raw emotion of Thor's character in the midst of battle in a fantastic way. It's really well done with these light inks and these light colors.

The Bad

There are moments that are definitely confusing because the story jumps around between time periods and it can sometimes be difficult to understand at first what is going on. In this way, the story feels a bit disorganized. Once you reach the end, however, things improve and the story makes a bit more sense.

The Verdict

This is an interesting issue because it brings Thor from three different points in his existence together to work towards a common goal. The result is this rather interesting story that gives readers a perspective of how the character has evolved over time, and how his manner of fighting has changed. In addition to this we get a closer look at who the God Butcher is and what his motives are, which makes for a rather interesting story. Pretty art and an interesting story makes this a solid issue. I would recommend picking up the previous four to really get a better understanding of what is happening in this story.