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Thor: God of Thunder #21 - The Last Days of Midgard Part Three of Five: God, Inc.


It's time for King Thor vs. Old Galactus!

The Good

Jason Aaron finally delivers on the King Thor and Old Galactus fight and, man, it was worth the wait and then some! It's a glorious encounter and the banter is every bit as cheer-worthy as the monumental strikes. Thor's insults kept me smirking and the sheer display of power that is unleashed as these two clash is jaw-dropping and completely spectacular. There's one attack that is absolutely staggering and it doesn't even end there. Honestly, it's likely to be the best fight you'll read in any comic this week.

While the future timeline presents a gripping battle between two massively powerful characters, the present timeline offers a completely different challenge for the God of Thunder to tackle. In the future, he can try to solve his problem with his might, but the same will only hinder him in the present. What happens is all kinds of ridiculous but in the best way possible. The way the Son of Odin's raw power is countered is hilarious and the expression on Thor's face as it happens is truly priceless. It's the perfect contrast to the future's conflict which consists purely of punches and energy blasts. Additionally, it's further evidence that Aaron can strike the perfect tone with this book. The scale is grand and the stakes are high, yet there's always so much charm and levity. It's never enough to take away from the more serious matters the book establishes, either.

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER's visuals are a real treat for your eyes. Artist Esad Ribic and colorist Ive Svorcina do a superb job handling Aaron's exceptional script. You can feel the weight and pure force behind the hits and energy blasts in the cosmic brawl and you can properly experience just how poor conditions have become after Roxxon moves into a certain town. Visually, the book really shines in the future as the showdown is brought to life in an astonishingly grand manner. That said, the current timeline certainly impresses at times when more exaggerated reactions are brought out of characters. All in all, both the artwork and the script are worthy of the God of Thunder.

The Bad

My only small complaint about this issue is a few of the panels feel a little rushed, especially compared to Ribic's other work on this series. Despite that, this book still looks fantastic.

The Verdict

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER is a phenomenal series and without question one of the best books currently available. The sheer amount of entertainment value Aaron and Ribic pack into this issue is absolutely ridiculous. The battle between King Thor and Old Galactus is tremendous, and the "battle" Thor faces in the modern era is a hilarious contrast yet still manages to feel completely epic. Throw in a solid cliffhanger and we have yet another issue that simply begs to be purchased. Be good to yourself and read this book. Seriously, it's that amazing.