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Thor: God of Thunder #15 - The Accursed Part Three of Five: Bury My Heart In Jotunheim


Thor and his allies continue their hunt for Malekith the Accursed.

The Good

How does Jason Aaron follow-up a plot which could have literally wiped out every God that is, ever was and ever will be? Well, you don't top it power-wise since that's practically impossible. Instead, you make it a far more character-driven story and one that'll test Thor's wits. Aaron impresses me month after month with this book and I'm happy to report #15 is no exception. His script remains charming as ever and I found myself at least smiling or laughing for a good percentage of the read. It doesn't seem like there's too much depth to Thor's allies, but I've no problem with that when they're all so damn fun and humorous. The commentary between the group is handled superbly. You can tell Aaron's really having a good time with this one and letting his mind flood with creativity, but even with all of the levity, he still manages to produce an incredibly heartfelt and humanizing moment for Thor in this one. Aaron handles the characters so well that switching to yet another battle with Malekith actually feels lackluster in comparison.

The visual highlight from Ron Garney and Ive Svorcina is basically any time they get to show off what makes a realm unique. From wonderfully vivid and playful villages to the cold and vacant spaces of Jotunheim, the environmentsThor and his companions will explore looks solid and definitely pull us further into this adventure. And while a certain character's fate is obvious when the moment approaches, the two do a great job making it feel as cinematic as possible.

The Bad

Like stated above, Malekith's inclusion actually detracts from the book at times. While Gorr could easily hold our attention, Malekith is mostly there to make a threat, kill someone or something, and then vanish. He's well-written, sure, but his scenes in this one definitely don't stack up to the fantastic material between the good guys (assuming they'e all good guys, that is...). It's somewhat repetitive and you can almost hear it in the dialogue when they say he escaped again. Thankfully, Aaron gives the formula a bit of a switch-up with the cliffhanger, but seeing as there's still two more chapters, I wouldn't be shocked if he eludes them yet again.

I have some minor gripes with the art throughout. Most notable was that the final panel appears incomplete and the panel layout in another page has odd transitions due to there being literally no background for a vast majority of the page -- just white. It took away from what could have been a pretty cheerworthy moment.

The Verdict

Jason Aaron continues to make THOR: GOD OF THUNDER one of Marvel's most delightful books. Malekith's material may not be all that gripping this time, but Aaron is completely killing it with everything else. The dynamic between Thor's team is a real joy to read and Aaron's doing an absolutely brilliant job with the script. Needless to say, I strongly recommend diving into Thor's world. Even if you've never been all that fond of the character, this book is sure to win you over.

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Posted By Trevel8182

Kinda growing a crush on that Dark Elf chick, nothing else to say but amazing as usual.

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Posted By Star_Boy616

Awesome history, my only gripe is the art. But everything is awesome, it feel's like Lord of The Rings.

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Posted By frozenedge

@trevel8182: I bet you five barrels of light elf beer Thor gets her first

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@frozenedge: I'm not going to win that bet, I'm just going to wait for her to realize who really loves her and her wooden arm, I would learn elvish for the Mela en' coiamin.

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Posted By frozenedge

@trevel8182: i never got the hang of elvish. just never got the hang of it

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Posted By Trevel8182
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Edited By Taasden

This arc has been great! Love the adventure feel to it and this issue did not disappoint. Aaron has been doing some serious worldbuilding for the Thor universe.

But holy crap, the Frost Giants' designs looked amazing! Can't wait for next month.

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Posted By manwithoutshame

Can we have Ribic back? His wonderful visuals gave Aaron's writing a certain timelessness and power. I'm gettin' pumped up thinking about it, might have to break out the first 11 again!

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Posted By Lykida

I enjoy jason Aaron's run on Thor a lot. The Thunderer is one of my favorite characters of all time and it's so good to read a book that's both epic and funny, sometimes even at the same time.

I agree with those who state that Ribic's art was more powerful and it fitted the story of Gorr, but I like what Ron Garney gives us and it suits the more humorous tone of this story arc. Alfheim was really lovely, with all the little details like the sugar canes (they are to die for obviously).

Can't wait for next month!

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Posted By sparty-dbq

@frozenedge: Oh sure, bet on the guy whose already made it to first base.

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Posted By tommyx

Now this is a storyline! Garney's pencils are better than ever, but could definitely do with a good inker to improve them.

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Posted By RazzaTazz

Did the new environmentalist girlfriend show up?

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Posted By Cap10nate

Did the new environmentalist girlfriend show up?

Not in this one. I believe she will play a role in the next arc though.

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Posted By RazzaTazz
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Posted By XxHeavyRainxX

I agree on the art. When it's good here, I love it, when it's's...bad.