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The Woods #1 Review


Think the woods behind your school were scary? You have no idea.

The Good

Weird high concept? Check. Relatable characters? Check. No possible way to predict where these characters will end up (or if they'll even make it)? Let's go into THE WOODS.

Tynion shines on the page, crafting dialogue that sounds authentically young and introducing us to characters that are immediately distinctive. These are kids we went to high school with. Some of them might even be us. They're not dumbed-down or unrealistically eloquent, and their attitudes and problems feel realistic (well, until things get alien).

Michael Dialynas' character designs are just right; even as we meet students for the first time, we can tell so much about their personalities from their attire (I'm loving the geeky pop culture tshirts on several of the kids) and their body language. Karen's go-to accessory of a field hockey stick gives her confidence and power, while the panda keychain shows us a gentler side of Isaac.

And when things get weird, they get unapologetically weird. Nobody is spared (not even the sweet, scared kid), and for all the angsty charm of the preceding pages, Tynion and Dialynas don't skimp on the horror aspects of THE WOODS. There are monsters. There's blood. There's the quiet, underlying horror of a school full of children with a limited supply of food and water.

The Bad

Adrian emerges as a confident leader, and I love how he's so quick to rally a team to act, but it's unclear how he's so certain about what's going on, especially the meaning of the black rock. Is he guessing? Projecting? (We'll see.)

The Verdict

Successfully capturing teen angst and alien horror on the page with equal precision, Tynion and Dialynas make us want to explore more of THE WOODS. The high concept is definitely strange, in a good way -- it's something we've never seen before, and it's completely unpredictable where things will go. The creepy school atmosphere of MORNING GLORIES meets the pluck of Veronica Mars, with ravenous monsters and an engaging mystery to unravel.

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Posted By Vaki

This book was really good, I am looking forward to the next... so many good comics this year.

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Posted By GreenKingdom

I was interested but didn't know what to make of this when I initially saw it in the shop. Was very intrigued after reading this so I picked it up and loved it. Can't wait to see where it goes from issue 1...

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Posted By ms-lola

This book completely freaked me out. Despite its outlandish premise (so far), I am so in!

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Posted By Testla1

;~; I forgot to pick this up...

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Edited By skyjumpermike

@newcomicguy: this is a pretty fantastic book! I enjoyed Southern Bastards a lot, but I liked this more. I tend to lean towards horror/sci-fi/supernatural stuff though. I suspect you can't go wrong with either.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

I think this was possibly my favourite issue of the week? I can't wait to get to know more about these kids and what horror await on this world they've appeared on.

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Posted By longbowhunter

Been a while since I gave a Boom series a shot so I picked this up. This felt like if the Mist leaned heavier on the sci fi and took place in a high school. I liked it a great deal. Never read Amala's Blade but I remember it having fantastic looking art. I was glad to hear Dialynas was on this project. Really liked the color pallet too. The greens, pinks, and purples really set the tone for an alien planet.

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Edited By MissJ
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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

@missj: damn you Miss Jen, you always make me go back and buy another extra weird comic I never hear bout every week!

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Posted By MissJ

@newcomicguy: Eep, tough question! They're entirely different books, and each scratches a totally separate itch. I think it depends on your mood and whether you're looking for a weird/scary book with a relatable ensemble cast and sharp dialogue (THE WOODS) or a hard-boiled story with a lot of violence and a setting so rich that it might as well be a character (SOUTHERN BASTARDS).

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Posted By NewComicGuy

<sigh> this sounds really good. You sold me on Southern Bastards. Which do you prefer?