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The Walking Dead #97 - Something To Fear, Pt. 1


We're always expecting the worst to happen in this comic and looking at the image on the cover, there's no denying that something bad is coming and the survivors definitely have something to fear.

With just three issues after this until the 100th, the feeling that something really bad is going to happen can't be ignored.

The Good

The discovering of the members of the Hilltop community has brought something we wouldn't' expect to see in a WALKING DEAD comic, hope. As readers, we all know the slightest bit of hope or good fortune is a sign of something bad. The past few issues, we've been waiting and waiting for a tragedy and it may just be around the corner.

There are currently a lot of characters in Rick's community. Throughout the issue, we get updates on them and get to see what they're up to. This is great as it continues to build up each character's development but after close to 100 issues, we know it's not necessarily a good thing. Often when we become attached to certain characters, they tend to die. That is a sentiment that Rick used to have and now he's willing to let that go a bit. It might seem as if Rick is letting his guard down yet he is still making extremely bold decisions when it comes to the enemies of the Hilltop community.

There is so much tension filling the pages. With all the characters, you don't know where the next bad thing is going to come from. For all we know, there won't' be one. But with the way everything is getting set up, no matter how much we prepare ourselves for whatever bad thing may come, we still won't be prepared.

The Bad

It is great to see so many others outside of Rick's group of survivors. This is a question I've had for a long time. Where is everyone else? Now that we're seeing more and more of these other individuals, you can't help but wonder where have they been all this time? Also, how many others are out there. The world is indeed a big place and there was an extreme feel of isolation before. All that has changed with the "Bigger World" story arc.

Rick, as always makes brash decisions. He is always right in what he does. He just might be getting in over his head which feels out of character for him. But how much can one man take?

The Verdict

Everything is changing in the WALKING DEAD world. We no longer have Rick Grimes and a small group of survivors. Not only do we have one community of survivors but instead we have three. A big war is coming and with the 100th issue also looming, we can expect some major bloodshed and the loss of major characters. Of course this is all an assumption but it's difficult to think otherwise. Now that this bigger world has been revealed, there is the question of what will happen after this story. While it's wouldn't be impossible, it would be hard to go back to the simpler times of the survivors just surviving against the zombies. THE WALKING DEAD remains a consistently great read. Robert Kirkman hasn't let us down yet and now has high expectations to live up to. We shouldn't worry as he's proven he can live up to them month after month.