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The Walking Dead #94 - A Larger World, Pt. 2


For over 90 issues we've only seen small groups of survivors. Is it possible that there could be others out there? What will it mean for the main characters?

With an arc called "A Larger World," you know we're pretty much guaranteed to get some answers. We've mainly seen a focus on Rick and his group of survivors but everything could be about to change.

The Good

How much praise can this title get? Month after month since the first issue, Kirkman has taken the story of zombies and survival and kept it fresh and exciting. With Kirkman, you never know what's going to happen. He's often delivered shocking twists and many main characters have died. Rick and his band of survivors have recently rooted themselves in a small community and have been making things work but with the appearance of a stranger named Jesus, it's time to look at what may lie outside their comfort zone.

The idea of 'a larger world' makes perfect sense. People might not normally be prepared for a zombie outbreak but there's no way only those close to Rick could manage to survive all this time. It's hard to gauge what Jesus is after. His claim of belonging to a larger network of survivors could be the answer to Rick and the others or it could be another situation similar to when the Governor was in the picture. This is almost like a turning point for the series after nearly 100 issues. Big things could be coming our way.

The Bad

Reading this arc, I feel as skeptical as Rick does. We're used to bad things happening all the time so is it possible this will end well? I mentioned that this could change the direction of the series. Obviously that could be good or bad. After all this time, we should have faith in Kirkman but there's always a first time things could go wrong, plot-wise.

There is some suspense in this issue but many things that happen too easily. Things are working out smoothly. Carl also does something that is predictable and a little annoying. But I'm sure there'll be repercussions later.

The Verdict

This series continues to rock month after month. Because we're in the beginning of the arc, it feels like the calm before the storm. There is some action but we're just getting a taste of what's to come. The story is being set up and at times it can be hard not to be skeptical (just as Rick is in the story). Kirkman has been telling this story for over 90 issues and it's bound to be another stellar story but after so many great stories, there's the fear of things going the wrong way. The possible outcomes of this story are both scary and exciting for readers and the characters.