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The Wake #5 - Part Five Review


Oh my goodness. Wait until you see what goes down here. And what the heck is up with the ending. In other words, this is a glorious issue.

The Good

Let me be honest. I don't know where this series is going to end up. The fact is, we don't need to know right now. Each issue is another step in this wondrous journey that Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are crafting. Not only do we get some more insight into Lee's past (the main character) but there's more of that wacky shifts in time where we see what's happened long long ago and what's to come in the future.

As the issue progresses, there's plenty of suspense and action as there's no telling how bad things are going to get. Snyder's story has us hooked (like a fish) and if that wasn't enough, we get the amazing visuals by Murphy along with Matt Hollingsworth's gorgeous colors.

THE WAKE is a series that I like to read both physically and digitally. There's so much to see and it all looks so good.

If this is the first act of the overall story, even though I have no idea what's coming next, I cannot wait to find out.

The Bad

Speaking of waiting, yes, we will have a slight wait until the next issue. It happens. Not the end of the world. It will be worth the wait.

The Verdict

With each issue of THE WAKE, it feels less like a comic you read but more one you experience. Scott Snyder has a crazy story cooked up and there's no telling what's coming next. Having Sean Murphy on art and Matt Hollingsworth on colors is like we're getting an extra special treat. There will be a little wait until the next issue but, like they say, "good things..."