Comic Vine Review


Vision #2 - Everything Slips Through Their Fingers.


Viv is sick after being mauled by the Grim Reaper.

Vin acts out at school and almost kills another student, after Viv is almost killed. Vision and Virginia have to meet with the school principal.

From that description right above, it doesn't seem like much happened in this issue, but the whole point of the book isn't Vision's child getting in trouble at school. This whole book is a descent into madness for Vision himself, at least that's what it looks like. He's created this family and already, his creations are lying to him, which we won't get into too much here because it's a big spoiler for where this series is headed, but it really sets this haunting tone throughout the issue.

This book is a horror story at its core. It's actually pretty terrifying. The second page alone sets the tone as we see Viv, who was cut in half, with this look of horror on her face in a "hospital" bed. A good chunk of the story after that is Virginia telling Vision what happened after Grim Reaper attacked Viv. The orange color palate Jordie Bellaire uses here is brilliant. It feels like a memory, not a flashback. And that's super-important to the scene. Again, everything about this is terrifying. We later see Vin almost kill another student, with little to no expression on Vin's face.

Even the way Vision talks to other people is not normal. Understandably, he's not a human, but there's almost this aggression in his calm tone if you read between the lines. The book is insanely suspenseful and the most intriguing thing Marvel has put out in a long time. Tom King is nailing this book out of the park.

Gabriel Walta does some stunning art on this issue. It's dark and the way he sets up panels has a cinematic feel to it. Walta and King are an incredible team that really milk the beats of this issue giving it a very distinctive flow and feel. Visually, this is one stunning series.

VISION #2 is an incredibly haunting book that takes one of Marvel's iconic characters and puts them in a setting that borders on horror. King, Walta, and Bellaire have come together to create easily the most memorable first couple of issues, thus far, in the post-SECRET WARS universe. I highly recommend picking this book up.