Comic Vine Review


Vision #1 - Visions of the Future


Vision tries to have a normal life, with a normal family.

Vision has always wanted to settle down and have a family, just ask Scarlett Witch. Now, Vision has made a wife and two children, moved to the suburbs and tries to achieve the American dream.

This book is weird, in a good way. This really has more of a Vertigo or Image feeling to it more than anything else. It may be just me, but this really feels like the calm before the storm and that storm feels more like something in the horror genre. Where this series is going is hard to gauge from the first issue, but it really feels like we'll be seeing a horror book based on a line of dialogue early on where Vision says one of his family burns a neighbor's house down, killing them.

This isn't a story with a good guy and a bad guy, duking it out, although Grim Reaper does make an appearance. This issue is really about developing Vision as more than just a character on the Avengers. He's gone through so many changes over the years and this book is all about reestablishing who he is in the current Marvel universe. Tom King does a phenomenal job with the dialogue and aside from making Vision feel emotionless, which is where he's at now, Vision almost comes off a bit like a sociopath, minus the anti-social behavior.

Artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta and colorist Jordie Bellaire do a wonderful job with the art on this issue. Because the story is so different and strange, the more non-traditional mainstream art is the perfect fit for the story and tone. Bellaire is doing something a bit different with the color work here.Everything feels a tad more blended with a duller color palate, which again, is a great fit.

THE VISION is very different and that may be off-putting for many readers since it doesn't feel like a traditional super-hero or Marvel book, but that's what makes this such a great read. There is the question of "where is this all going" which doesn't get too much of an answer here, as the issue is more about establishing the world than anything else. It's different, but it's something you are probably going to want to check out.