Comic Vine Review


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3


Before she can take on Galactus, Doreen needs to fight Whiplash

The Good

At times, it's incredibly odd to read something that has the look and feel of a BOOM! title under the Marvel banner, but that's really what THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL reads as. It speaks to a completely different audience and makes mainstream comics feel more accessible. It's zany, a bit wacky, and walks its own path which is pretty endearing.

I always enjoy a good chuckle when reading a light-hearted book and I got many-a-chuckle out of this issue. Easily, by far, the moment that got a real nice laugh out loud moment was this box these robbers open up to stop super-powered beings. The Captain America section of this box had me in stitches actually. For the most part, writer Ryan North delivers a ton of fun to this issue (as well as to the back-up of the recent BILL & TED comic) and it feels nice to be reading something that you get to be a part of the fun with. The dialogue usually hits home and spends just as much time building on the story as it does building on characters and passing along little jokes.

The story moves along nicely and is incredibly enjoyable. The art team of Erica Henderson and colors of Rico Renzi put a whole slop of fun into the book. I know I've written "fun" a lot, but that's the first word that comes to mind when reading this. The colors are bright and pop and the art is over-exaggerated and almost a caricature. The book is unique in the best ways possible and it's great to see something under the Marvel banner really offer readers a whole new reading experience.

In addition, it's actually great to see a female lead book with the main character be a bit bumbling and wacky. Doreen Green, in many senses, can be seen as a female Deadpool in many ways. Obviously, she stands out for many different reasons, but this is a great female-lead comedic relief book in that aspect.

More than anything else, I'm pretty pumped to see where this Galactus story is going to, especially with the end of the book playing out.

The Bad

The book isn't for everyone. There are times where SQUIRREL GIRL is a bit too much for me, and it feels like the dialogue is reaching a little too hard for a laugh, but it's undeniable that this book is executed well and caters to a new comic book reader, not just someone looking for the traditional super-hero comic.

The Verdict

THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL is a pretty exciting and entertaining book. It's nice to see another character grab a hold of a zany personality and run full-force with it. The creative team has something special here and this book is a nice gateway comic for people to become comic book readers. If they're into having a laugh and enjoying the Marvel movies, give them this. Don't just toss Civil War at them right away. The thing is that this book isn't for everyone. Sometimes, it's a bit much for me, but that's totally ok. It's still well put together and it does a great job telling a story with words and art.