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Ultimates #6 - The Rock and The Mountain


Galactus gets rebellious and takes on beings in the cosmos.

This issue is a bit different. As the Ultimates head back from outside of reality, Galactus goes on his own journey to meet some of the more conceptual elements and faces of the Marvel universe.

This series has been a bit out there, a little weird. Things get even more out there in issue #6 as Galactus visits the Molecule Man and the beings Order and Chaos.This whole issue is about Galactus finding his place in the universe, now that he now brings life to the universe rather than destroying it.

Eternity, the embodiment of the universes, is in chains, and Galactus wants to find out how it happened, why, and who did it. This is a different side of Galactus. He's not as stoic as we're used to, and he has a new purpose, so it's a lot for a fans of the characters to take in. However, it works in the longrun because we're getting something new that's exciting.

It's cool to see this character on his own solo journey, even if it is a tad bizarre to see this character as a detective. I've really been enjoying what writer Al Ewing has put together and while tonally this feels very different from previous issues, it's still a delight to read.

Christian Ward's art is a big change of pace, compared to Kenneth Roccafort. However, it is completely fitting for the tone and the story. There's an abstract sense to what's going on with Galactus here. He's dealing with concepts and beings way outside of the realm of a normal superhero book, so the bright colors and less intense art works exceptionally well for this issue.

This is a very different issue of the series, but it still works. It's an enjoyable read and guest artist Christian Ward fits right into the tone of the story. We get to go into the mind of Galactus, which we've seen before, but it's been quite a while since that's happened. This is still one of my favorite on-going series right now, and what I'm most interested in seeing is what happens with this team during the upcoming CIVIL WAR II, since this whole team is all about stopping threats before they start.