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Superior Spider-Man #8 - Troubled Mind, Part Two: Proof Positive


Superior Spider-Man takes on Cardiac in order to take back one of Doc Ock's old brain mapping devices.

The Good

The Avengers run a battery of tests on Superior Spider-Man to find out if he says who he is, but SSM isn't happy with the results so he heads off to find Cardiac who has one of his old brain monitoring devices, but ends up having a "softy" moment for someone he hurt in the past.

It's pretty obvious that Doc Ock knows something is going on inside his brain, so he lets the Avengers run a bunch of tests on him because they, too, think something is up. Well, they find nothing, but I loved these scenes and the dialogue SSM has with the Avenegers and Black Widow. Dan Slott really keeps the reader engaged with witty dialogue and a story that actually evokes a bit of emotion.

I loved seeing Cardiac in this issue, and I love the fight scene between he and SSM. It was very brief, but it was a great connection and moving piece within the scene. Cardiac's monologue, again, a great moment in this issue, and it's nice to see how other characters in this world dealt with Ock's crazy schemes.

I'm a big fan of Humberto Ramos' (pencils), Victor Olazaba's (inks), and Edgar Delgado's (color) work on this issue. Ramos' art is vary stylized and, if you've never seen it before, it's pretty exaggerated, but it really fits the writing here, since Dan Slott has a bit more of a "wacky" side to his writing. The inking is solid and consistent and so is the color here.Overall, it's a stand-out issue art wise.

What an amazing and touching turning point in this issue, when Superior Spider-Man comes to the realization that he hurt so many people during the Ends of the Earth arc. He realizes that he can make amends for some of the pain he's caused, and he does that here by making a piece of technology work, that Octavius invented, in order to help a little girl that was hurt when Ock tried to fry the planet. Now, while it may seem like he's doing it for selfish means, he could have just taken the device and not helped at all. This is another moment where he proves he can actually be a Superior Spider-Man.

This issue has a fantastic ending. Without spoiling anything, it's a moment I've been waiting for. It's one that, depending on the outcomes, can change the course of the series.

The Bad

I really loved this issue. Sorry to say, I don't have any problems with it. I don't know why I'm sorry to say that...

The Verdict

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8 is a fantastic issue that is actually quite touching. Dan Slott really makes a possible game changing move at the end of this issue that for sure will have readers guessing what is going to happen in the next couple of issues. Ramos does a stellar job in the art department as well. It's one of my favorite issues from the series thus far.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.