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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1 - The Superior Foes of Spider-Man


Boomerang has a new Sinister Six, but can he, and his other teammates come together as a team?

The Good

There's a new Sinister Six in town, and THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN focuses in on these characters coming together and Boomerang trying to become more legit and less of a ridiculous joke because boomerangs really aren't threatening.

Open your books to page one. Well, page one of the story. Man, this is one awesome opening to an issue. We have a splash page featuring a classic Boomerang battling a classic (Peter Parker era) Spider-Man. Sorry Parker fans, but that's all you get of him. Anyway, this beautifully drawn page by artist Steve Lieber and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, is the perfect way to open up this story. Rosenberg's coloring is beautiful and Lieber's art really embodies the classic Spider-Man style.

The art continues to be brilliant throughout the issue. Lieber really makes you sit back and enjoy a page. Many times, we get to see lots of panels on the page, up to 11 at one point, and it really lets the reader sit in the moment. Obviously, part of the credit needs to go to writer Nick Spencer as well, since he most likely broke the page down into that many panels, but I like how Lieber laid these out on the page. There's one page, in particular that really caught my eye, which features Speed Demon in Shocker in front of an apartment door. It's a cool insight in super-villains as regular folks. They, too, forget their keys. (Super-Villains: They're just like us!) There's lot of moments like this within this issue.

Writer Nick Spencer puts together an interesting piece that humanizes there villains, and all the while, he keeps this issue not only entertaining but humorous as well. Sometimes, Speed Demon wants to rob a place just because a little girl called him stupid. Yep, that happens here. It's an issue that really keeps a smile on your face from start to finish. Now, I've never really cared about any of these villains, but Spencer got me to become a Boomerang fan from the get-go. I loved his backstory of how he became Boomerang, and the opening pages of his history, up until now are paced incredibly well.

The Bad

This book had the same tone and feel of HAWKEYE for me. Maybe it was the purple caption boxes, but SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN just kept reminding me of Hawkguy's existence. I guess it really isn't a bad thing, but my mind kept wandering.

The Verdict

My expectations for this book were non-existent. It's one of those things where I saw it was a whole month of SSM books, and a slew of tie-ins I thought were going to suck. Well, I'm a big dumb dumb for thinking that. First, I should have noticed that FOES OF SPIDER-MAN had a stellar creative team attached to it. Frankly, this book is awesome. The art and writing compliment each other incredibly well. Spencer made Boomerang into a character I actually like, instead of a lifeless villain with a bad gimmick. Lieber's art is fantastic, and each page is unique and fun to look at. THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN is a great start to a new book. It's funny, fresh, and it will get you excited about B-List villains. I highly recommend this issue.