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The Star Wars #1 Review


If you think you know everything there is to know about Star Wars, you've never read THE Star Wars. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt.

The Good

Every Star Wars fan knows George Lucas' vision for many of his characters changed and evolved before the first movie was released. Because we simply can't get enough Star Wars, Dark Horse has managed to get the permission and rights to adapt Lucas' original rough-draft screenplay. It is not quite what you'd expect.

Written in 1974, there are some familiar elements to the story and characters. There are also major differences that will throw you for a loop. You may have heard that instead of Skywalker, the main character would have the last name, Starkiller. His name is actually Annikin Starkiller. Even the name Anakin had been changed. If that wasn't strange enough, there is a separate character named Darth Vader and completely different one named Skywalker.

Basically what we have is the grand opportunity to see Star Wars in a totally different manner. Think of it as an alternate reality or even a WHAT IF…? story. This is a way to experience Star Wars for the first time once again. There are enough familiar elements to hook you into the story and the sense of not quite knowing what will happen next is fascinating.

The art is beautifully done by Mike Mayhew with colors by Rain Beredo. We've seen many many Star Wars comics in the past with varying degrees or art. This one is the tops. The "new" characters look great. Mayhew uses a great mix of perspective in the different scenes creating the cinematic feel you would want from this. I often complain about the colors in sci-fi comics but Beredo has the perfect touch in making the colors vibrant but not too harsh, something that usually leads to an artificial feel in the story.

The Bad

As you try to follow the story, you might find moments of confusion due to the change in names and characters. You simply need to unlearn what you have learned about Star Wars.

The Verdict

THE STAR WARS is a great treat for fans. It's a curious thing to see how Lucas originally planned the story and characters. Whether or not the changes and evolution were for the better remains to be seen. This series appears to be a grand experiment of sorts. We get to see the characters and ideas we're so familiar with in a strange and different fashion. J.W. Rinzler does a great job scripting the story, making it all flow perfectly. Mayhew's art and Beredo's colors are top notch and give glory to something that deserves a proper treatment. If you remember discovering Star Wars for the first time, this is your chance to do it all over again. It's a wonderful opportunity and one not to be missed.

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Posted By KnightofSteel

A beautiful book. Can't wait until next issue.

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Posted By AskaniSon295

Star Wars is like the bhagavad gita of the Now.

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Posted By HuiZe

Will look into this.

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Posted By ohrenclez

baby luke and darth vader as a daddy would also make an awesome alternate universe :))

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Posted By tikhunt

This sounds awesome, picking it up ASAP.

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Posted By kid Apollo

HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!

ive read the original draft and thought it was pretty cool, especially because some of the name but the characters attached to them are completely different.

cant wait to pick this up

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Posted By danhimself

@g_man: not a bad idea...this is a mini-series right? so I'll probably wait until the mini is over then reread it as a whole and see if that works

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@danhimself: I read this twice. I was getting hung up on the names as well. But the second time through I really appreciated the idea.

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Posted By nappystr8

It's not a criticism of the book, but the re-purposing of names really started to bug me. I could understand the names being changed over different versions of the script, but I can't for the life of me understand what was going through Lucas's head that he would use names in almost the exact opposite fashion. The Obi-Wan character is named Luke Skywalker, the Luke Skywalker character is Anakkin Starkiller, and Alderan is now the headquarters of the empire? I've done some rewrites in my time, some significant ones, but man, nothing this drastic. And there are so many more of those examples I could give. I think it took me like 45 minutes to read this issue because I was frequently having to reread major segments to see if I had read something the wrong way. Reading this is a whole other level of surreal.

But I've always loved McQuarrie's early concept art, and Mayhew is not only the perfect artistic choice for this book but it also might be the stongest work he has ever done.

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Posted By Shallbecomeabattoo

I am not a huge Star Wars fan anymore and never cared for the comics, but this I will check out! Sounds awesome and the designs on the cover look great!

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Edited By mcbean

Think I might pass on this one look at it today in the the comic shop better spend my money else where.

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Posted By danhimself

I loved it but I found it really hard to separate this from the old Star Wars leaving me feeling confused even though I knew that I shouldn't have been

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Posted By longbowhunter

I just about bought this. Mike Mayhew is awesome and my son really wanted to read it.

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Edited By StMichalofWilson

Knew this would be awesome!