Comic Vine Review


The Shade #9 - Of London Now and Egypt Then


The Shade uncovers the mystery behind "The Celestial Pharaoh," and pits himself against a rather familiar face.

The Good

If you are looking for a series that will keep you interested with well thought out characters and entertaining dialogue, then THE SHADE is a title you don't want to pass up. Robinson continues to weave an interesting tale that will keep you at the edge of your seat. He captures the sheer essence of The Shade's eloquence and charisma. He knows the character well, and every quip and witty line is just perfectly paced and well thought out. Robinson even goes so far as to poke fun at the premise of his own book;

"...Armed, bespoked henchmen at your beck and call. Masonic cabals. I mean it's hardly original,.."

And while it may not be the most original premise, it's still really good. Robinson makes it interesting with the unique voice he gives to The Shade. The story is just really great. Not only does Robinson deliver The Shade's line superbly well, he also does a stellar job relaying The Shade's powers -- particularly in this issue. What is he really capable of? What can he do? What are his superpowers? The Shade's shadow powers move effortlessly and eloquently through the air, eradicating enemies; its just thrilling.

The Bad

Now I won't say the art in this issue was entirely bad. I am not the biggest fan of Frazier Irvings; I think his style is so unique that it's an acquired taste. For me, I felt there were scenes and panels that just did not feel right, particularly in the first few pages in this issue. Those panels were hard to understand, at least for me, because it's not clear where the characters are at that moment in this issue.

The Verdict

Aside from those first few pages, however, I found myself enjoying Irving's art in this issue. I think his artistic style really complimented the dark tones and premise of this issue. It wasn't nearly as light-hearted as some other issues before it (like the issue featuring Jill Thompson's art, or Darwyn Cooke). As a result I think it really added to the mood that Robinson was trying to convey. I also think Irving managed to depict The Shade's superpowers really well on panel towards the end of the issue. Robinson delivers another fantastic issue, and I continue to really look forward to this series every month.