Comic Vine Review


The Shade #5 - Memoria Roja


The Shade's connection to La Sangre is revealed!

The Good

Few titles are as consistently good as THE SHADE has been. Even with rotating artists. With the fourth issue of the series as good as it was, it's hard to think that Robinson could top himself -- but he did. The fifth issue of THE SHADE explores the character's identity and explains a lot in regards to the purpose of the story. Why has he been summoned by his Grandson? What does he need from The Shade? These things are explained within the first few pages of the issue. The reasons behind the Shade's journey are explained and the idea is unique and very interesting.

There have been times when having a different artist every couple of issues on a book would take the reader out of the story. This is not the case, however, with THE SHADE. It's evident that Robinson very carefully chose specific artists for specific parts of his story. Would "x" artist be good to relay a specific period in time? It feels as if a lot of thought and effort has gone into the creation of this series, and I have been loving every minute of it. Artist Javier Polido is absolutely brilliant.

The pacing is fantastic. The story moves from the bedside of the Shade's grandson to Barcelona and the reasons are clear. There is a purpose to everything that happens in this book, but the end will still leave you wanting more.

The Bad

Absolutely nothing. This is a brilliant issue.

The Verdict

Robinson's grasp and love for The Shade spills onto the pages of this issue. There is an incredible amount of care and thought that has gone into establishing this character and crafting his story and it is obvious. Robinson continues to deliver a debonair and charming character while keeping perfect pacing and delivering an exciting story. It's hard to believe that Robinson could top the last few issues of THE SHADE but he has certainly done so with the fifth issue. Beautiful art, wonderfully crafted story. Do this book justice by picking up the first four issues, although this isn't an altogether bad place to jump into the book.