Comic Vine Review


The Red Wing #1 - Learning to Fly


Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra deliver a war story unlike any we've seen before. Set in the future and involving the time travel and some technical explanations, be prepared for a refreshing new series.

We've seen war stories and we've seen time travel stories. What happens when the two are combined? Things are going to get pretty crazy.

The Good

It's always refreshing to discover a new comic series or miniseries that is not like other comics on the stands. Jonathan Hickman creates a new world and things get pretty heavy right away. Jumping right into the action, we discover that there is a war in the future and time travel is involved. Think about that. If time travel is a possibility, shouldn't that make defeating your enemies easier? It actually makes things trickier.

We have some really cool art including a nice design on the fighter ships. Too often ships come across as too bulky or generic but that isn't the case here.

The idea of fighting a war across time is enough to blow your mind. The details that go into the explanation is impressive. There's almost a touch of elegance in the execution of the telling of this story.

The Bad

Things do get a little hectic. You have to focus on the details as time travel stories do have the potential to get sticky. Because we're thrusted into the middle of this war, you do get the feeling of trying to catch up.

The Verdict

It's hard to commit to a new series based on characters or a premise that is new but often it can be worth taking the chance. Jonathan Hickman has created a crazy scenario with a war that involves time travel. Rather than make things simply, you get the feeling that some of the technical matters have been thought out. The art by Nick Pitarra compliments the story and does a great job in setting up the designs of the ships and technology in this futuristic world. Some of the explanation can feel a little heavy and I don't suggest trying to read it in an office full of people talking. There is a lot of potential here and I am looking forward to seeing how all this is going to play out.