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The Punisher #8 - The Dead Winter


The Punisher!? With an accomplice!? Well, we all know how that's worked out in the past...

The Good

I like the continuity from The Punisher #6; while issue seven was a bit of a break for the reader, it established context that carries over to this issue, as well. All-in-all, this is a very well-planned arc by Greg Rucka, and it rewards readers who stick around and absorb all details. However, those who haven't read the series before aren't necessarily punished (heh) for their negligence: there's enough here that you can get the general gist of what's going on without a lengthy "PREVIOUSLY..." page.

Punisher's vendetta against the Exchange is looking to heat up with the addition of a third party, but I kind of predicting that this person might end up on ice because of her association. Every time someone steps up to Frank, they end up underestimating him terribly; this issue was another great example of that.

The cops' interrogation of the marine was definitely one of the stronger points in the book because it bled emotion. I've said before that this book gains something from Rucka's GOTHAM CENTRAL experience, and this drives it home further.

The Bad

Not much, to be honest.

The Verdict

While I don't have any major complaints about this book, it still doesn't get a perfect grade because I can't help but shake the feeling that this is a very standard Punisher story. There weren't any points that made me bolt upright and say "Man, this is unbelievable work!"

After the amazing Thanksgiving issue and the cop-centric exposition-fest last issue, this week's offering seems a little weak by comparison. However, this isn't a knock towards the consistency of the series: it's been a wild ride the entire way through, with some natural peaks between the stretches of flat road.

I need to work on my metaphors. While I do that, pick up this book.


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