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New Mutants #35 - Sole Survivor Review


The New Mutants and Blink fight the power of heavy metal rockers hyped up on power. Clearly, this is a fight that will be talked about for all time.

The Good

Seeing Dani and Blink interact together makes for some good dialog; I like how they play off of each other while remaining relatively distinct. The X-Man/Dani/Blink sequence was funny, yet descriptive; definitely showed a bit of their character without seeming corny.

Blink's action sequences were pretty good and served as a great illustration of what she's capable of; while Cyclops has her scouted for other purposes, I wouldn't mind seeing her join the New Mutants to compliment X-Man's "outsider" nature.

This book felt like a standard team book romp, and may serve as a grounding to the rest of the Regenesis storyline; while Cyclops and Wolverine are doing their thing, the New Mutants seem content to just play both sides of the field and help out where they can.

The Bad

I feel that this book could've used a little bit more background explanation when it comes to the villain group, as all we know right now is that they're evil, magical and using the power of metal to mess things up. While on paper this seems pretty cool, it's been two issues since they've been introduced and we still know next to nothing about them. This would be fine if they were nothing more than a speedbump on the road to getting Blink onto the team, but they seem to be sticking around (at least for the short term), I would like some exposition.

As a first-time Blink reader, I would like to know her previous affiliation with the New Mutants. As far as I know, this is the first time she's been mentioned all volume, so I feel like there should be a "catching up" portion. I've been reading NEW MUTANTS for the last few issues and am still relatively confused, so I hope I'm not the only one thinking this.

I found that the art benefits some characters (Warlock) better than others (well, the rest of the team) in the sense that faces tended to look the same and bodies remained relatively static from panel to panel.

The Verdict

I feel like while the New Mutants have moved out on their own, they need a little more time to settle into their new digs before the book has the ability to hit the high points that it once did. Right now, the team doesn't seem to do much apart from hunt down new members, and great plot points like the Cannonball/Dani romance and the mutant psychologist have been largely dropped. This is a shame, because those points brought depth to what is essentially a very standard team book.


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