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The Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1 - Captain Marvel and the Day that Never Was!


Everyone say it with me. "SHAZAM!" This comic should put a smile on your face.

The Good

What's going on in THE MULTIVERSITY? While there are some strands of the overall storyline, each one-shot issue has been delightfully self contained. Grant Morrison has given us the chance to get a taste of different versions of familiar characters In the case of THUNDERWORLD ADVENTURES, it's more like familiar versions of beloved characters.

With the New 52, there's been some good and bad things that have happened to the characters we knew. Changes were made for various reasons. With Billy Batson and Shazam, we're just barely getting a sense of who they are now. In this issue, it's almost as if we get to go back in time. It's a time when the Big Red Cheese went by the name of Captain Marvel instead of Shazam.

Seeing Billy Batson in the Justice League today has been fun, but it leaves us wanting more as well as longing for the old stories. Here we get pure Captain Marvel vs Doctor Sivana adventure. With aspects of the Multiverse in play, the adventure takes on a bigger feel. This is truly yet another one-shot where you'll be sad we're not going to see more.

Of course a big part in capturing the nostalgia is having the right visuals. Cameron Stewart's art with Nathan Fairbairn's colors will make you stop and stare. This is a comic you'll want to buy an extra copy or two just so you can share them with friends.

The Bad

The idea of the Multiverse and tying into MULTIVERSITY might cause a tiny bit of confusion to new readers. But it's not really enough to hamper the enjoyment for them.

The only real bad thing about this issue is it's just a one-shot.

There is the question of whether or not there is only one Rock of Eternity (as seen in the Multiversity map) and what does that mean for the New 52 version of the Wizard? This is simply not addressed.

The Verdict

Remember Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr and Doctor Sivana? This issue brings them all back, even if it's just for this one time. If you've been reading the MULTIVERSITY issues, of course you'll want to get this. Even if you have no idea what's been going on, you can easily jump into this issue and enjoy a brilliant adventure with these characters. Grant Morrison captures the essence of the characters and Cameron Stewart and Nathan Fairbairn are the perfect duo for the visuals here. This is a comic anyone can enjoy. Make sure you don't miss it.