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Mighty Thor #6 - The Strongest Viking There Is Part One


Loki shows why it's important to pray before battle.

Loki tells the tale of Bodolf the Black, a Viking who prayed to Thor, who joined him in battle. One day, Bodolf didn't pray to Thor, but Bodolf's enemies did. Bodolf turns to pray for power, which leads him to Loki.

Jane Foster as Thor has been a very polarizing story. You either hate it or love it. However, many people on both sides of the spectrum do want to see Odinson as Thor, at least for a few moments, and this issue really fulfills that desire. We get to go back in time to 896 A.D. to the shores of the Skagerrak. The issue deals with Viking war and how the Norse Gods interacted with those in Midgard. The story itself is a ton of fun, and while it is a fill-in issue, that feeling passes quickly as the story is incredibly engaging.

The story of Bodolf is told through the eyes of Loki. Naturally, because of this, we're getting two different art styles. Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson worked on the opening two pages, while Rafa Garres did the art for the rest of the book. Garres' art style is very different and feels more like a painting than traditional comic art. At times, there are some oddly shaped faces, but that's what I fell in love with. There's this chaos within the art which completely fits the piece. It feels less like a comic and more of a string of period art, telling the reader the story.

The biggest downer, for fans of the series, is that this is a fill-in issue, let alone a two-part fill-in. Everything that has is going on with Jane Foster will have to wait, but on the bright side, we're getting a new story and not a tie-in with the current Marvel event, Standoff, so there's a payoff as well.

MIGHTY THOR #6 takes some time to tell a story from the past, and it's a solid issue. In fact, the fact this is going to be at least a two-part story is pretty exciting. We get more insight into how the gods were involved during Viking times, and as expected, Loki was still a snake in the grass. The art style is different, but it really works well. This issue was a surprising amount of fun.