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The Mighty Thor #18 - Everything Burns, Prologue Review


Loki and Thor team up and much more in the latest issue of THE MIGHTY THOR.

The Good

What a perfect way to celebrate 50 years of the "God of Thunder" than to bring artist Alan Davis on board to illustrate THE MIGHTY THOR #18! I don't know what it is about Davis on this book, but something about his style reminds me so much of Jack Kirby's art from back in the day. Whether it be the way he illustrates expressions or Thor himself, so much of Kirby resonates in this issue, which I absolutely loved.

The dynamic between a young Loki and his trickster spirit that has been reincarnated into a Magpie is fantastic. I think it's really well written and poetic, and it's unlike anything being written by Fraction right now. I think in total, though, you can definitely tell that this issue was written in part by Kieron Gillen; it just feels like a lot of what we saw in his THOR run last year. It's really well done though and I love the fact that this issue is crossing over into JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. The interaction between the characters, the dialogue and the three layers of ongoing stories in this book is fantastic. I love that there is so much going on in this issue but that it's still relatively easy to follow.

I really like this story though, and although I think it might be easier to understand if you've been reading the series, I still think it's a pretty good introductory issue into two series (THE MIGHTY THOR and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY) for a new reader.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. I really loved this book.

The Verdict

Fantastic art paired with wonderful characters and a multi layered story is what you'll find in this week's issue of THE MIGHTY THOR. The relationship between Loki and Thor spills across the pages and is really well written, as is the mystery surrounding this burning building in Midgard. I love that the All-Mother Freyja opens some doors in Loki's mind about his identity and his Father, and I look forward to seeing how that story develops. This is a really great issue and a good place to start if you're looking into begin reading THE MIGHTY THOR.