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The Flash #215 - King Shark


A giant man-shark is on the loose!

Note: There will be spoilers ahead!

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On this week's episode of The Flash, Barry wants to head back to Earth-2 to save Jay Garrick, but there's no way to go back because the portals are closed. However, now King Shark has escaped from ARGUS and is off doing what King Shark does best: terrorizing people and trying to take out The Flash because Zoom wants Barry dead.

The issue starts off kind of weird as the characters try to sweep Earth-2 under the rug. That's part of the appeal of the episode is that these characters are frustrated and feeling helpless because there's nothing they can do. However, it feels like weak writing as the aftermath of this giant Earth-2 story is "oh well, there's nothing we can do." It conflicting for the characters as well as the audience. Obviously, by the end of the episode, we all know they're going to find a way back to Earth-2, so it's something that we all saw coming.

Because Harrison, Cisco, and Barry have seen Earth-2, Cisco thinks that Caitlin's behavior is the first step in her journey to become Killer Frost. It's an interesting point, as maybe Caitlin thinks that the only way to truly stop evil is to kill it and maybe she's headed that way too. Caitlin is very standoffish with Cisco throughout the episode too, which really leads us to believe that she could go to the dark side.

While it's really cool to see King Shark in this episode, the CG looked a bit off. It didn't seem like he was actually in the scene but merely pasted over it. In addition, his dialogue was bad. This whole story is a bit weird in the fact that Shark out exceptionally easy in an earlier episode, but here, they have to hunt him down and spend a lot of time waiting, just like fishing. However, once again, he's eventually taken out pretty easily.

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Diggle and ARGUS felt pretty inconsequential to the episode. Diggle does deliver the news about King Shark, but their backup for Barry was pretty pointless. There's a lot in this episode that simply felt like filler for the overall story. In fact, this episode, as a whole feels like filler between the last story and what's coming next. Regardless, it's solid filler. It's not one of the best stories but easily not one of the worst.

The final closing scene reveals who Zoom actually is. Warning... massive spoilers. Zoom brings Jay's body into his prison and drops him on the ground. Zoom takes off his mask to reveal that he's Jay Garrick. How did this happen? Is Zoom from another Earth? We won't be able to learn more for a couple of weeks though. Regardless of who you thought Zoom is, this is still a big shock and a nice payoff.

This was a filler episode, and it was fun, but aside from the giant reveal at the end, this was a very middle of the road episode of The Flash. King Shark was cool, but he looked a little rough around the edges and felt like he didn't fit well into the scenes. Plus, his dialogue was really rough. The good parts of the episode came from how theses characters dealt with what the know about the world as well as moving forward after Jay's dead.