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The Flash #13 - Gorilla Warfare, Part 1: King Grodd


The Flash has his hands full fighting the Rogues but what happens when Gorilla Grodd comes to town with an invading army? Barry's going to need some serious help.

The Good

Man oh man. As great as this series has been, it almost feels like Francis Manapu and Brian Buccellato have been holding back on us. This issue pretty much has everything you'd want in a FLASH comic.

The last time we saw Barry Allen (in THE FLASH ANNUAL #1), he found himself up against the Rogues and Captain Cold. Barry ended up having to team up with Captain Cold but was soon betrayed. Just as Barry was defeated, Gorilla Grodd shows up with an army of gorillas set to invade the city. When things get bad, they get really bad.

Before the crazy action begins, we get a flashback to TEN YEARS AGO! It's always great to get a look at Barry's past and it further strengthen's his relationship with Captain Frye. But when the scene focuses to the present and Turbine and Patty show up in his office, we're left hanging with a bit of information Turbine is about to reveal.

The glory here is seeing Barry, the Rogues and a bunch of gorillas with Manapul's art and Buccellato's colors. It all just looks so dang good.

I guess I should've assumed that a crapload of talking monkeys was gonna drop out of the sky!

You only get lines like this in comics, folks.

You'll definitely want to see what happens. Barry was defeated by the Rogues so what chance does he have with an army of intelligent gorillas with a tie to the Speed Force?

The Bad

A completely fun and brilliant comic. This is why reading comics can be so fun.

The Verdict

If you've been waiting for complete and utter FLASH action, this is where you'll find it. Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul crank up the action and adventure by taking all the Rogues and a bunch of Gorilla Grodd's soldiers and shaking them together. There is plenty of action, flashbacks, suspense and teases and the gorgeous art and colors by the creative duo. It would be shocking to not find this issue enjoyable.