Comic Vine Review


The Flash #11 - Slow Burn


Barry Allen is "dead" so what happens when Barry comes across a couple of the Rogues?

The Good

Last issue we had to get used to the fact that Marcus To is filling in for Francis Manapul on the art duties and the story felt a little rushed. This issue feels like the series is getting back on track.

We saw Barry make the almost cliché decision to allow "Barry Allen" to die so that the Flash could continue his fight against evil. Seeing it explored a little more does add a new dynamic to his character. He also gains access to new areas that Barry would never be able to go. We know the world will discover Barry is alive eventually but this is a nice segue way and an opportunity to see some different kinds of Barry Allen stories.

The best part is the closer look we get at the Rogues. They've always been their own kind of villains in comics with their own sense of logic and justice. There's an interesting look at how heroes/vigilantes/villains are seen. You have to love what Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are doing with them. There clearly is more to their story, especially with how they got their new powers and the repercussion from that. You could even say there's a poetic touch to what Captain Cold says.

There was something off last issue with Marcus To's art. I love his style but there was just something that bothered me. This issue feels more like what we're used to in the series. The pieces are falling together and the excitement is building.

It was also great to see mention of Barry's "new power" from issue #2!

The Bad

I mentioned that Barry Allen being "dead" feels cliché. But I also mentioned there is some possibilities here, even if we know his "death" won't last long. How long until we have a confrontation between Flash and Doctor Elias?

Even though we have more than one Rogue in this issue, there isn't much of a fight. Barry's plan in dealing with the situation is brilliant but I have to wonder if this is something he can easily use more often.

And would Captain Cold and Heat Wave be locked up/transported in the same vehicle?

The Verdict

Last issue felt like a hiccup. Now we're getting back on track. Barry is exploring his new status as 'deceased' and it's going to be interesting to see where it takes him along with the new opportunities available. We do get an interesting look at how Captain Cold sees himself compared to how society has changed. We're getting some deep layers here courtesy of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Marcus To's art has a better feel here compared to last issue. The action may have been a tid less than I would have wanted but you can see where this is headed and it's looking pretty good from here.