Comic Vine Review


Fearless Defenders #1


The first issue in this all-new series serves as a fantastic introduction to both Valkyrie and Misty Knight.

The Good

Writer Cullen Bunn opens the first issue of this series by introducing us to Valkyrie first, and the scene is in which he does so is really beautifully written. The set-up and the panel layout is perfect; taking the character back to her youth. It's this really great scene that offers readers a look at Valkyrie's introspective thoughts which I felt was a very different way to start. The pacing changes almost immediately when we meet Misty Knight. One of the things I most liked about the start of this series is the way that Bunn immediately establishes Misty as this force to be reckoned with. She's a kick-ass chick who puts her foot down immediately. The panel layout really flows with the story, too, and it's great seeing Misty portrayed not only as this "no nonsense" chick and super spy. She's smart and can think really quickly on her feet, and that's a great way to introduce her to new readers. You get the sense that if something has happened, it is probably because she planned it. The dialogue is great and I just loved the way she was written here.

There are other characters we meet in this first issue, as well. For example, Misty shares a great scene with Dr. Annabelle Riggs. Riggs, who hires Misty for a job, has a really fun and light-hearted interaction with Misty before things get really serious. The pacing I think is what really blew me away; in these first few scenes there is so much going on, but it's perfectly paced. One scene transitions into the next really seamlessly and that was a huge strength here.

The issue has everything you could want: suspense, great dialogue, really perfect story layout and also a wonderful cast of characters whose interactions on panel are really exciting and complimentary to one another. The story is paired up with some really beautiful art by Will Sliney which really blew me away. Sexy, smart and strong: if this series is anything like this first issue, then it might just be my new 'must-read.'

The Bad

Honestly, there is really nothing bad about this issue. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The Verdict

I have to admit, when I first found out about this series I was a little bit surprised. Sure I was glad to see Marvel take a chance on a very female-centric ongoing series by putting together a team of strong female characters in one book, but I had my hesitations. I have never been a huge fan of either Misty Knight or Valkyrie and I thought they would make such an odd couple when this series was first announced. I am happy to report that not only was I pleasantly surprised by the fact that these two ladies can get along just fine, but I was also shocked to see such a solid first issue for this series. Bunn does an amazing job laying out the story, setting everything up in a way that is easy to understand as well as entertaining. You have these two really different characters headlining a series, and Bunn makes it work to his advantage. The result is this very quirky dialogue and really clever interaction between two very different individuals. You also have the basis for a very interesting story and a very brief introduction to the villain in this ongoing. Great pacing and pretty art made this book a fun read. I loved what I saw here and I am definitely excited to read more.