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The Deep Sea #1 - One-Shot


Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray team-up for a story about a deep sea mission that goes terribly wrong.

The Good

I honestly had no idea what to expect going into the first issue of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's new mystery adventure. I purposely avoided THE DEEP SEA's solicitation so no twists -- whether big or small -- were ruined for me. After reading the issue, I have to say I'm glad I took that route. The key premise of this book basically revolves around one big reveal -- so if this review does tempt you to check it out, I'd say skip the solicit and just dive right in.

When it comes to the plot, all I'll say is there was a deep sea mission that went horribly wrong fifty-five years ago. Only one man (Paul) survived the ordeal and now he's being brought in because of a massive discovery relating to said terrible event has been made. Palmiotti and Gray do a more than able job jumping between time periods and keep things moving at a nice pace. The pages are filled with dialogue that feels natural instead of forced exposition and, despite not having enough of it, there is a nice sense of emotion behind a particular scene.

Before you know it, the book abruptly shifts gears and everything begins to hit the fan and a very bloody fashion This dramatic change of pace comes as a double-edged sword for me. I'm a sucker for action and it was a good serving of fun, but part of me would have preferred to see most of this time dedicated to fleshing out the cast. While Tony Akins' art shines most of the time and provides a unique style which is certainly fitting for the book, it also fumbles a bit during this big action piece.

The Bad

As of right now, I don't really feel connected to anyone except for the main character, Paul. We're given basics here and there to help show how some personalities differ, but there isn't much time before chaos strikes them and from there, only one character has a scene to prove why they stand out from the bunch. Sadly, this big set piece is also where we're hit with the mixed artwork. Some of it looks fantastic and the kills are gruesome, but when more characters fill up the panels, the level of detail sinks a great deal.

There's one instance where I believe a critical reaction was undersold. If you just met the love of your life after thinking she was dead for fifty-five years, I think it would take a little more than a "please" to pull you away from such a powerful moment.

The Verdict

The premise here didn't really solidify my interest for the long haul, but despite it not really luring me in, I still recognize it's a well-crafted comic and just because it isn't my cup of tea of course doesn't mean you'll share my feelings. The concept is certainly unique and, for all you know, it may be just what you're looking for if you're searching for a little departure from capes and tights. Seeing as it's only $2.99, I'd say it's worth checking out if you're curious.

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

This snuck up on me, I love underwater disaster fiction. Hopefully the shop has it tomorrow!

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Posted By doordoor123

How have I not heard of this? I'm a huge Palmiotti and Gray follower. Guess I'll have to go pick this up.

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Its pretty depressing that I always seem to be the first person to comment

anyway this seems cool