Comic Vine Review


The Bunker #2


Would you change the future if you could? Are you bound to what you know is supposed to happen? These are just some of the questions the characters have to face.

The Good

Joshua Hale Fialkov is a sneaky guy. That's the only thing that makes sense when you read what happens in this comic. Continuing from the previous issue, a group of friends discover a hidden bunker. No big deal, right? Well, the bunker had their names on it. Inside was letters from...their future selves! It turns out the future isn't looking too great. Some or all of the friends may be responsible for the mess.

If all that wasn't enough, the last page of last issue really threw things in a loop. As if the question of how the bunker exists, including the items inside, wasn't enough, this new development raises even more questions. And wait until you see what happens next.

As much as I love the story, I also love Joe Infurnari's art and colors. It creates such a great vibe for the story. I'm amazed by how certain things are highlighted and other parts go out of focus. There's also the emotion on the characters' faces. This is all a lot to handle and accept. Grady in particular has a lot to do and and think about as he receives more news on future events.

And of course, how about that last page?

The Bad

I'm totally loving what this series is doing so far. It's refreshing to get a comic with a different sort of story than what we're used to. I have nothing to complain about. Just when you think you know what's going on, something new pops up to make you scratch your head.

The Verdict

I love THE BUNKER. As much as I love your typical superhero comic, it's great to get a different sort of comic book. Josh Fialkov is weaving a fascinating story. We're seeing there are layers on top of the layers and it's going to be tough to wait for the next part of the story. Joe Infurnari's art and colors adds to the feel of the story and really sucks you in. We often say, "I can't wait for the next issue," but this is a case where that's really the case.

Note: if you read the first issue, check out the commentary podcast with Josh and Joe HERE.