Comic Vine Review


The Black Bat #5


The Black Bat barely managed to survive his last encounter. Get on board to witness the new developments he's forced to deal with.

The Good

There's nothing like witnessing new developments in a comic. After last issues shocking rescue, Black Bat finds out more about the people he's working with. Having been rescued before when his eyes were cut out and given new enhancements, Tony Quinn thought he knew exactly where he stood with everything. Unfortunately for him, there is more to his current situation than he realized. This leads to a new alliance that will not be easy.

Brian Buccellato is creating a brand new comic book universe for us to enjoy. It's refreshing seeing a character not tied down to outside continuity. We're starting to see more of who Black Bat is working with. The new twist exposed to him could change the way he looks at things (literally and figuratively). It's this nature of the story that keeps us on the edge of our seats. There's no telling what Buccellato will throw at us next. As if this wasn't enough, now that he's fully attracted the police department's attention, there's really no telling what might happen. As the action begins, you won't see what's coming.

Ronan Cliquet's art continues to carve out the world of the Black Bat. Along with Mat Lopes' colors, Buccellato's world continues to be fleshed out. The tone conveyed by the colors is perfect for the story.

The Bad

There was a fight scene towards the beginning that felt a little unintentionally comical. Despite that, at least it was in a non-typical setting.

The issue does a pretty good job in letting readers know what happened before. Perhaps adding a brief recap on the credits page could make this more accessible to new readers. (This obviously isn't really a complaint against the issue).

The Verdict

The Black Bat continues to be an enjoyable series. With a nice touch of pulp flavor, Brian Buccellato has taken a classic character and is molding him into a modern hero. In a world without "superheroes," it's refreshing to see a more realistic approach being allowed. Buccellato throws the occasional curveballs at readers as we keep seeing new twists and turns throughout the story. Ronan Cliquet's art and Mat Lopes' colors gives the story the right feel to set up the vibe Buccellato's script is conveying. If you're tired of the same old superhero stories, THE BLACK BAT is a great change of pace. The gritty nature combined with the mystery and action makes this a great read.