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The Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 - Enter: Morbius - The Living Vampire


Doc Ock's scheme continues and we see some follow up on it but the spotlight shifts and focuses on Morbius, the Living Vampire.

The Good

It's been an intense ride the last couple issues as we find Spider-Man in a situation he might not be able to get out of, especially with this series about to end in one issue. There has been some theories surrounding Morbius' possible involvement since he's been in the supporting cast of the title lately being the mysterious secret worker at Horizon Labs.

The real reason for Morbius to get the spotlight is because he's getting an ongoing title next month written by Joe Keatinge (who wrote this issue with Dan Slott). I'll be honest, Morbius has never been one of my favorite characters. A question Morbius is asked early in the issue is, "Where do you think you're going?" That's a great question as readers like me need to decide whether or not to pick up the new Morbius series. This issue shows us where he may be going but more importantly where he's been.

Morbius' past was never really a secret but I don't think we ever saw it explored in this depth. This issue finally does what past ones never really did, it made me start to care.

The art by Valentine Delandro fits the tone perfectly. We see a side of Morbius I never considered before. The flashback scenes pulled me into the story.

The Bad

Even though it's a point 1 issue and sheds some new light on Morbius, we all want the next issue of Spider-Man to find out what is going to happen. While there is a connection, this feels like a road block getting in the way of the Spidey/Doc Ock story.

I can also appreciate this issue being used as the springboard for the upcoming MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE series and I did enjoy the story. I would just rather a Spider-Man comic to feature Spider-Man a bit more.

The Verdict

Do you think you know who Morbius is? Whether you're a fan of the character or unsure what to think of him, this issue will win you over. Set as a bit of a prelude to his upcoming solo series, the focus is placed on who he is and what the story of his past is. Joe Keatinge writes the story as he lays out the groundwork for his series. Dan Slott is on hand as well to help bridge the gap between last issue and issue #700. We have some great art to showcase Morbius' past but it would have been nice to have a little more Spider-Man in this Spider-Man comic.

Note: Be sure to read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 before reading AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #15.1 on December 26.