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The Amazing Spider-Man #694 - Alpha, Part 3: Final Grade


Spider-Man still has to deal with the extremely powerful Alpha. To make things worse, Alpha's becoming even more powerful.

The Good

Spider-Man with a sidekick is an odd notion. Unfortunately, trying to train Alpha isn't going too well for Spider-Man. Because Alpha gained his powers when one of Peter Parker's experiments was sabotaged, it's up to Spidey to take the responsibility to teach him how to be a hero. The problem is, with all the power Alpha possesses and the fact that he's a stubborn teen, trying to keep control over him isn't going to be easy.

The power and success of Alpha's new fame has gone to his head. When a huge threat arrives on Earth, having Alpha involved to try to stop it might not be the best idea.

We're seeing something that rarely is shown in the Marvel Universe. Whenever an individual gains superpowers, they either immediately become a hero or a villain. It's a hard lesson that Spider-Man and Alpha have to go through. It's a great look at the advantages and dangers of having extreme power and a lack of responsibility. There will be repercussions and changes after this issue.

I absolutely love the cover homage.

The Bad

I'm a fan of Humberto Ramos but there was a couple times some of the characters' torsos were a little stretched, in particular Iron Man and Spider-Man.

I had to resist jumping out of my chair and cheering when I saw the last page. Didn't want to make a scene in the office.

The Verdict

I was unsure of the idea of Spider-Man having a sidekick but should have known better than to doubt Dan Slott. The story of Alpha and the abuse of his powers gave us a different look at superheroes in the Marvel Universe. There are some repercussions we'll be seeing and the way the events play out makes this story better than I could have imagined. The final page brought a huge smile to my face as well. Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos deliver a crazy fun issue. There is plenty of action and guest stars. We're seeing changes in Spider-Man's life and there definitely is a dark cloud on the horizon.