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The Amazing Spider-Man #680 - Road Trip... In Space!


Spider-Man has to go out in space. Think about it. How's that going to work for him? Luckily he won't be going alone. This is leading into 'Ends of the Earth.'

Spider-Man is boldly going where many other heroes have gone -- outer space. With Doctor Octopus involved, this will lead into the upcoming 'Ends of the Earth' story.

The Good

Since 'Big Time' began, Spider-Man has had more opportunities to go off on big adventures due to his involvement with Horizon Labs. While taking part in the observation of the space station John Jameson is working on, trouble arises and it's up to Spidey to try to save the day. Spider-Man's luck continues as he has means to travel to space because of his association with the Future Foundation.

With the life of John at stake, you might expect a serious tale of search and rescue. That isn't the case as we get plenty of Spider-Man humor, insults and quips, many due to to who he teams up with. Christ Yost joins Dan Slott again in crafting the tale of Spider-Man in space. This isn't a self contained story written just for the fun of it as it's leading into the next big story in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Doc Ock is just about to unleash his final plan of revenge against Spider-Man and the world and this is where it begins.

There is so much that works in this issue. You wouldn't normally think about Spider-Man being out in space. He has plenty of powers but some are going to work differently. The choice of who he's teamed up with is a great treat. They have teamed up in the past and seeing them together again has been long overdue. This is what works in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN and it's nice to see the humor and results in this title as well.

The Bad

Normally I don't have any problems with Giuseppe Camuncoli's art. Unfortunately there were moments that were distracting. Sometimes characters' eyes and gaze feels too intense.

As for why Doc Ock is involved here, we don't get a lot on that. Yes, this is an unofficial prelude to 'Ends of the Earth' but it almost feels like it's just thrown in to create a threat and reason for Spider-Man to journey to space.

The Verdict

Spider-Man in space. It's not often I get to write that. To make it better, he's not going alone. Spider-Man is known for his humor and quips and having someone to bounce them off of usually makes the story fun and entertaining. There is a reason for Spider-Man needing to take a trip to space. This is the beginning of a bigger story. We're just getting a tease of what's to come. Slott is joined once again by Chris Yost and the two seem to work as well as Spider-Man and his guest star, in a good way, of course. We get a typical cliffhanger that will make you eager for the next issue and the situation will place Spider-Man in yet another situation we haven't seen a million times. Spider-Man has simply been a great deal of fun to read lately and I can't wait for the next issue.