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The Amazing Spider-Man #667 - Spider-Island Part One: The Amazing Spider-Manhattan


It's time for some majorly crazy happenings as Spider-Island is in full swing. You would think Spider-Man's life would become easier if everyone started gaining spider-powers but Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos will make sure that is not the case.

Everyone in New York City is gaining spider-powers and you know that can't mean good things for Spider-Man.

The Good

I will admit that when I heard the premise for Spider-Island, I bowed and shook my head a little. The idea of everyone getting spider-powers seemed a little too much. Silly me. I should've known better and simply held onto my trust in Dan Slott. Ever since BIG TIME began, Spider-Man's gone through some pretty big changes. We've been seeing the build up to this story in little prelude snippets in recent issues but you don't need to have read those to know what's going on. Just know that the Jackal is involved and it's going to mean some a lot of bad shenanigans for Spidey.

Complimenting the story is Humberto Ramos' amazing art. In the calmer scenes he always manages to find the best and most unique angles in showing the characters. And when the action begins, you know his art will be a sight to be seen.

The Bad

There's a giant battle that takes place and it feels like it's contained to one small block rather than take place over all of New York City. Also, the fact that things are starting to look bad for Spidey again makes perfect sense but seeing a turn in his luck since BIG TIME began has been a nice change. In other words, be nice to Peter, Mr. Slott!

The Verdict

Spider-Island is here! The idea of New York City gaining spider-powers felt crazy but the execution by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos pays off. After months of tiny bits of set up, the action begins. Spider-Man will be in over his head when he discovers he's powers are no longer as unique as he thought. Slott brings in many guest stars and cameos but they don't feel forced. Slott sets up the action and Ramos knocks it out of the park. Ramos' art delivers what you would want and expect in a Spider-Man 'event.' This issue was so fun to read. We have big action, great art and lots of opportunities for craziness and excitement in the first part of this story. Slott has big plans in mind and you can see them about to explode onto the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.