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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series #7 - Bebop & Rocksteady


The two classic villains are back! What exactly does Karai have planned for them?

Note: TMNT #27 also comes out today and this issue takes place before it. So, if you're getting both, read this first!

The Good

Bebop and Rocksteady are finally here, and boy oh boy, they were worth the wait. Just a heads up, I may run out of synonyms for "fun" in this review because this comic truly was a ridiculous amount of fun.

While their goofball nature remains stronger than ever in co-writers Dustin Weaver and Ben Bates' hands, it's now contrasted with the darker tone of what's going on in 'City Fall' and the end result is a mix hysterical and shocking. Sure, they're big, dumb and dated characters, but now they're incredibly powerful as well. That kind of might in such mindless hands could be a complete disaster and that's exactly what this issue is all about: showcasing the raw might these two fools now possess.

You may know them as total clowns -- and they still are -- but now they're staggeringly badass, too. A mere flick can break a dude's nose and watching these mutants in action can turn from clumsy and hilarious to graphic and violent in no time at all. You're going to leave this issue with a whole new impression of this duo and man, I sincerely cannot wait to see these two battle the turtles or even Slash. If that goes down it's sure to be stellar.

Ben Bates addresses this tonal shift extraordinarily well with the art, too. There's plenty of totally amusing panels of the two being silly and seemingly uncoordinated, but when things really go down, there style becomes much grittier, there's an extra emphasis on the bloodshed, and the two mutants come off looking far more formidably instead of nutty. I know it's tough to believe they can strike fear into anyone with that kind of attire, but trust me, there's a few panels that'll shock you. Yes, they're all kinds of stupid, but these are no longer two goons who are there just for comedic value.

The Bad

No major complaints from me. This was an absurdly wacky and wild ride.

The Verdict

The lovable idiots have made a triumphant return. Filled with big laughs and a staggering amount of action which ranges from lighthearted to jaw-dropping, this Micro-Series issue absolutely lived up to the anticipation. While there isn't much depth to these characters, Karai bluntly pointed out they're only good for two things: violence and destruction. While they're excellent for those two things and do them in a massively entertaining way, "comedy" should most definitely be added to her list. Now that they're being added to the mix, we can only imagine how explosive things will get once Karai utilizes them over in 'City Fall.' It's sure to be a blast.