Comic Vine Review


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #3


The Turtles take the Foot Clan head-on in an attempt to rescue the Professor.

The Good

Turtles fans, this right here is mandatory reading. If there isn't room in your budget for a $3.99 title, then make room because this series is worth every penny and then some. Mateus Santolouco and Erik Burnham are giving us a quintessential TMNT book.

Everything you love about these characters is delivered in a top-notch fashion. The series is overflowing with fascinating history and connecting perfectly to the primary IDW ongoing. The turtles are written exceptionally well, each delivering lines that let their personality really shine ("I don't have time to explain Newton's second law right now, Mikey!").

And no good TMNT book would be complete without some combat and luckily it's quite frenetic here. Raph and Leo deflect Karai's arrows, Mikey smacks around some Foot Ninjas, Shredder and Splinter even have a brief encounter... it's a blast. What really stuck to my memory is the chase scene towards the end. It's presented to us in such a cinematic manner and felt fluid.

Even though it's packed with action, the heavy amount of melees don't hinder the story's progression at all. We still dive into the past and learn more about Shredder's history (though it is a bit heavy in exposition we already know) and, while it doesn't make a major leap, the current story does move forward as well when we reach the conclusion.

Just like the script, the art is also top-notch but really manages to stand out during the action scenes. The motion is brutal, letting you fully appreciate every punch, kick and slash dished out. Additionally, I love the creative use of sound effects (sparks from swords clashing and glass shattering). Small touches like that compliment the reading experience really well and further helps it stand out from the competition.

The Bad

The only "bad" thing here is this is a limited series, so we know this awesomeness has an expiration date.

The Verdict

Everything you're searching for when it comes to a Ninja Turtles experience can be found within these pages. It's funny, filled with fast action, rich in plot, looks great and has a huge cast of characters. You simply have to give this series a shot if you consider yourself a fan of the franchise.