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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #211 - Metalhead Rewired Review


Metalhead is back and Donatello has given him quite an upgrade. Can Donny control the powerful robot or will he be yet another threat the team has to take down?

Nick's TMNT has unleashed a swarm of mutants into New York. Some are totally hostile while others would have a very difficult time hiding due to their sheer size or loud mouth (here's looking at you, Spider Bytez). With so many of these creatures running (or even flying) around, it's a little tough to believe there hasn't been more of a commotion in the city. Well, there's a reason for that and this episode, Metalhead Rewired, finally explains why. It's not a spoiler to point out it connects to the Kraang, right? I mean, it's not like anyone would have guessed these mutants formed a support group and decided to stick to the sewers. But, as you can see from the episode's title, it's also a big chapter for Donatello's very awesome creation, Metalhead!

While this episode doesn't deliver the same level of hilarity as the robot's debut (staring at April and the clunky run will always make me laugh), the episode is still a total blast and delivers some majorly satisfying action. It kicks off with Donatello debuting the new and improved Metalhead for a training sequence with the team. Watching each character step up and ultimately get humiliated by the bot is hugely entertaining and, as always, Mikey's defeat is especially amusing. You know how Donatello was the dude who always ended up getting his face grabbed? Let's just say the honor is now passed to Michelangelo. There's also an explosive chase sequence and it's a real treat for the eyes. It's still a little tough to believe all of this chaos wouldn't draw more attention, but I guess it would be a bit of a bummer if the police always interrupted and the turtles had to fade away. Lastly, the final action scene sets a huge stage, and, thanks to some really cool shots, it makes you really appreciate how talented and physically impressive these creatures are. Seeing Raphael toss a sai into one Kraang bot's head and then jump kick another into oblivion is something that'll never get old.

The plot with the Kraang doesn't really give any huge developments like the previous one that revolved around them, but as said in the first paragraph, it does answer a lingering question. This chapter also has the opportunity to show off some new tech they utilize and bring back some familiar faces. It's a nice bit of nostalgia and, I won't lie, hearing Lewis Black's voice in the show is always ridiculously funny. The fact they have him drop a little bit of Kraang talk is just so full of win, too. This plot also brings about a reunion between two enemies. It's brief and seemingly implies the villain has let go of the grudge. I'm curious to see if that's something that'll be addressed down the road, but truth be told, I thought this dynamic had the potential for at least one more conflict between the two.

Metalhead Rewired is also full of pure adorableness. There's an absurd amount of crazy cute Mikey moments (especially in the end). This chapter does a great job showing off his lighthearted nature and he's definitely the biggest source of laughs in this one. Star Wars fans will absolutely recognize one noise Metalhead makes and, maybe it's just me, but there also appears to be a small nod to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Even if it is an unintentional nod to that classic movie, it's still implemented well because of how it's first utilized with Leonardo (which, in turn, could be taken as a nod to Gladiator) and then yet again in the very end. To top it all off, the narrative with Metalhead turns out to be legitimately touching. It won't make you need to grab a tissue or anything, but it'll likely hit you with some feels.

As much as I enjoy toilet humor, the generic fart noises felt overused in this episode. I can see kids completely loving that and the show obviously has to take them into account, but for an ancient 28 year-old such as myself, it was a little overdone at times. There were also a few developments in the plot that left me with questions, but I won't dive into spoilers. Oh, and it would be cool to see Casey Jones tag along now that he's part of the team, but it looks like he'll be in the next episode.

Thanks to a compelling story with Metalhead, a thrilling final action sequence, and the return of A LOT of mutants, Metalhead Rewired is whole lot of fun and a real joy. If you've been watching the show since its debut, odds are you're really going to appreciate this week's episode.