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Teen Titans #98 - Prime Numbers


Superboy Prime is back and you know that's going to be major bad news for Superboy and the Teen Titans.

Time to say welcome back to Superboy Prime. He's gunning for Superboy and the Teen Titans but this time he's changing up his strategy...which won't be good for the Titans.

The Good

After the recent arc, we get to see the team get a little relaxation. Comic books can't always be non-stop fighting. Otherwise we'd never get any character development. With the characters getting a little down-time, we're witness to some interesting aspects. Whenever we can get into the characters' heads, there is a lot to learn. Seeing the secret desire of Kid Flash, interaction between Superboy and Wonder Girl as well as Raven's adjustment to their new team member causes the book to progress a little more as we get to see the human side to all of them.

But the quiet time won't last forever. When Superboy Prime unleashes his new plan of attack, the Teen Titans might be in over their heads.

The Bad

With the series coming to an end before the relaunch, it's a bummer that things have to end. I had some slight problems with the last arc but I've been enjoying where the team is going. It felt like the team was in disarray before and they're finally getting it all figured out but once September comes, everything will be different. It's also a shame that Nicola Scott didn't handle the art duties here but with the over-sized 100th issue, it's understandable.

The Verdict

The Teen Titans get a little downtime after the craziness of the last arc. This allows the characters to reflect upon themselves which results in character growth. This peaceful time won't last as Superboy Prime returns with his hatred for Superboy and the Titans. J.T. Krul adds a twist to Prime's attack and the developments we're seeing among the team really makes it unfortunate that everything will be changing in September. It's all building up to the 100th issue and this volume is guaranteed to go out with a bang.