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Teen Titans #6 - By The Light...


The team has officially formed and barely survived their first encounter against Superboy. You would think they'd get some time to recover but Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth have other things in mind.

Uh oh! The team is trying to catch their breath after an epic battle against Superboy only to find themselves now facing the New York Police Department.

The Good

You gotta love it when an issue immediately picks up where the last one ended. There are times when it may not be necessary but it's great to see that the heroes are people and do need time to patch their cuts and bruises.

As new surprises arise, we get more on the mystery of Kid Flash's powers. When they start going out of control, something needs to be done. This is part of the fun and sometimes frustration of the "New 52," trying to figure out what history exists from before and what new developments we'll discover.

We get to see more of the team dynamic. Lobdell is great at putting words in the mouth of the kids. They aren't all going to be getting along and holding hands. We're still seeing where everyone stands with each other and not having everyone rush to stay together is what adds a bit of realism to the title.

We also see a potential new ongoing threat for the team. It's hard to say where he'll rank in terms of supervillains but there seems to be something there. We'll definitely need to keep an eye on him.

The Bad

The Teen Titans and Superboy causes major damage during their battle. I understand that the NYPD has to be a bunch of tough individuals but would they really think holding guns on a bunch of metas is a good idea?

When Tim decides they need to get some help, Batman doesn't even seem to be a consideration. Sure Batman doesn't have all the answers but he is Batman. We're also left wondering how and when Tim first met this certain individual. We get an explanation as to why this character is used but it kinda felt more like a way to throw in a guest appearance.

The Verdict

The Teen Titans are just about an official team now. They survived their first major battle (barely) and have already gained the attention of the authorities. With Kid Flash's powers going out of whack, we get a little more information as to who he is and where he might come from. Lobdell is planting seeds left and right in building up future threats that should arise shortly. Usually teams get together and everyone is happy but because this book if dealing with kids, it's expected and makes sense that they don't all get along perfectly. Seeing how they will function together is going to be part of the fun. For an issue that seems meant to give a little downtime after a big fight, we still get plenty of action and suspense here.