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Teen Titans #3 - Better to Burn Out... Than to Fade Away


The team is coming together as we're introduced to the newest character to the DC Universe. Prepare to meet Bunker.

The pieces are all coming together as Red Robin meets another superpowered teen. Plus Kid Flash meets one as well. The formation of the team is almost here.

The Good

Because we're in the 'New 52,' there's still a lot of mystery as we're 'meeting' new characters and seeing how other characters are going to shape up. We've had a great mix of new and old and you can almost see where this book will soon end up.

One of the mysteries is who is Kid Flash? He's mentioned his name is Bart Allen but we still have to wonder what is his connection to Barry Allen? It's great to see more of him in action. With Bart, we get introduced to Solstice.

Of course there is also the introduction Miguel Barragan, aka Bunker. There has been some news surrounding the introduction of this character but there isn't any emphasis unnecessarily placed on his introduction. He comes across as a likable character. He does have an upbeat attitude which is nice to see. You would think if a person had somehow gained (or was born with) powers, they'd be pretty excited about it. His attitude and interaction with Red Robin manages to lighten up the tone of the book, which has been a little dreary in the first couple issues (being hunted by a secret government agency could have that effect).

The Bad

It feels like a pretty big coincidence that Red Robin, Skeeter and Bunker manage to be in the same place at the same time. In the comic's defense, this is actually mentioned. Red Robin's reaction to Bunker felt a little off for Tim but perhaps he's under some pressure. The way Tim changed into his Red Robin costume in front of Bunker felt a little careless.

It's also good to see that the 'team' will soon be together. I understand that we're experiencing the story of the formation of the team. It's a good subplot, having N.O.W.H.E.R.E. targeting the characters but we haven't seen a lot of confrontation. I might just be a little impatient.

The Verdict

We are on the verge of finally seeing the Teen Titans together as a team. More focus is given to characters such as Kid Flash and Red Robin. We're introduced to new characters Solstice and Bunker. Wonder Girl also makes an appearance. The gang's all here, now we're ready to see them all together. Having new characters gives the chance to really set this series apart from past incarnations. Part of 'The New 52' was to mix things up and add new life. While characters like Kid Flash have some differences that we're still discovering, the new characters are adding another layer to the mystery. Bunker even manages to lighten up the mood of the book. Once the team is officially together, things will move in a new direction.