Comic Vine Review


Team 7 #1 - Black Diamond Probability, Mission One: Black Ops


DC's latest team title has a surprisingly fun start.

The Good 

Step aside, Suicide Squad, there's a new awesome team in town.  Don't let the cover fool you, though.  This isn't a "big guns! big explosions!" kind of book... at least not yet.  Practically the entire span of this first issue focused on giving us a better look at the characters in the roster -- and that's absolutely required seeing as there's seven characters and only a handful are considered popular.   
But this isn't just blandly going through the motions of telling us who's who.  Not only does writer Justin Jordan give us a brief rundown on each character and why they were selected, but we're also treated to an unexpected amount of humor between the group.  Almost every other panel there's a fairly witty remark and while not ever character is given the same amount of focus, there's more than enough here to help new readers familiarize themselves with each character's personality.  They're setting the bar pretty high by having "The secret history of The New 52 is told here!" on the cover, so let's hope the plot eventually becomes as interesting as the back and forth banter between teammates.

The Bad

The mission itself inside Cloud City meets Alcatraz really doesn't have my full interest, nor does the fact they're about to face a large force of half blue zombie-type enemies (unusual seeing as I'm a sucker for action).  For me, this is because the characterization completely overshadows their objective.   Also, there was one odd panel of the enemy landing from a backhand.  She's holding her arm forward and it's clearly bigger because of depth perception but the lack of shading and any angle makes it look like she has one massive arm.

The Verdict

Just one issue in and I'm excited for what's to come.  The cover makes this seem like it's an action fest ripped straight from the '90s, but the surprisingly sharp humor and excellent characterization makes this an issue worth buying.  Team 7, I'm on-board for now.