Comic Vine Review


Talon #2 - First Strike


Talon teams up with Sebastian Clark for their first mission, but will this partnership last?

The Good

Fun, adventure, a whole lot of butt-kicking; that's what you get with the second issue of Talon. The creative forces behind this series are crafting a character in Calvin Rose that might remind you a lot of why you may have started reading comics in the first place; for fun, adventure and really great characterization. Calvin is a man on a mission not to save the world from the Court of Owls, but to make them pay for virtually ruining his life. His motives driven by self interest, which is great and it makes him a unique character in the Bat-universe. He's out for revenge for himself, and that's it. I really like that about Calvin Rose, and I like the way the writers James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder inject that into this issue. This book does something that the last two issues did not do; it gives us the reason why Talon has decided to be Talon in a really heated, exciting moment. It's a very interesting take on a very interesting character.

Not only do we get a closer look at Talon and Sebastian in this issue, but we get a better glimpse at the relationship that is blossoming between Calvin's character and his new partner, Sebastian Clark. The way the creative team presents the dynamic between the two characters is fantastic and very entertaining; it's clear these two are not going to get along, at least not easily at first.

Tynion and Snyder inject a few interesting clues into this issue that reveal a lot about the character as well as what readers can expect in the coming issues. We are briefly introduced to new concepts like the Tomb of the Unworthy, for example, which will likely play a pretty big part in the coming issues.

There is a lot of set up for future issues in this comic, which is great to see. I love that the creative team has given readers a very organized layout and planted some seeds to future stories. The issue starts with a bang and ends with a bang, and it is certainly a comic I am looking forward to picking up again next month.

The Bad

I tried to think of what I didn't like about this issue and I honestly could not come up with anything.

The Verdict


Juan Jose Ryp is the artist on this issue and it feels a lot different from artist Guillem March. The action scenes feel a lot more fluid, and he puts a lot of attention and effort into the details of his panels. Overall, a fantastic job on his part. If you've enjoyed March on the series you might notice a similarity in the style of the two artists. Ryp spends a lot of time on the details in the background of his panels and the result is really beautiful; his backgrounds set the tone for the story very well.

This issue is great not only because it introduces readers to the relationship between Sebastian and Calvin, but it also presents us with their very different means to the same end. Both characters want the Court of Owls eradicated, but both have very ideals. While Sebastian looks at their attack on the Court from a larger perspective, Calvin is very much focused on what the Court did to him, personally. These are two very interesting and very different perspectives and it's great to see them butt heads in this issue as a result. Both characters are interesting, the dynamic of their interactions are exciting, and that's a big reason why this issue was such a great read. This is a great start to a new series and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what else the creative team has in store for us in the coming issues.