Comic Vine Review


Talon #1 - The Gotham Trap


Calvin Rose, the former Talon that escaped from the Court of Owls returns to Gotham City. Find out if that was the best idea.

The Good

I'm still torn over the idea of this series. I like the fact that Calvin Rose is a Talon that managed to escape from the Court of Owls. There is so much that can be learned from the Court because of all the secrets they had for decades. Calvin gives us a different look at the Court and at Gotham. From the very first page, we're given a mini history lesson and get an idea why the Court may not have been too pleased with Alan Wayne. James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder are continuing to add to the mysticism of Gotham City.

Last month's zero issue gave us a look at Calvin's backstory but now that we're in the present, it's time for Calvin to figure out what the status of the Court is. Their plans didn't go too well at the end of "Night of the Owls" and Calvin decides to return to Gotham to find out if he finally is free. You might have an idea what the result might be otherwise this could be a short lived series. What Calvin finds may not be what you expect though. That's where the fun begins. New layers are being added to Gotham City. It's not in an artificial way either. It feel plausible that these events could be unfolding and gives a little giddy feeling that Batman still doesn't have all the answers.

Is Calvin a badass?

He does have a run in with a familiar Talon. There are still some on the loose. This is important to see because we need to know what he's capable of. He was an escape artist but was also meant to be an assassin. We need to see what his fighting skills are and we do get to see him in action. There is also a character here that will further move the series and Calvin's mission against the Court.

Guillem March's art fits nicely here. The fight scenes are well played out and even though we're seeing a new and different part of Gotham, it still feels familiar.

A minor spoiler is Batman does not appear here. It has to happen someday but thankfully he isn't thrown in just yet. We need to see Calvin develop on his own before confronting the Bat-Family. We also find out what's up with the costume seen on the cover. Would a former Talon actually wear a Talon-type costume? You'll find out within the issue.

The Bad

Part of me would have liked Calvin to not return to Gotham just yet. But you need to remember that the zero issue took place many years ago. I want to see more of the Court's influence outside of Gotham. Because of the fate of the several members of the Court in BATMAN, we have to assume there are still others out there. Seeing Cavlin explore other dark areas of the DC Universe will be fascinating.

Calvin jumps to some conclusions when someone is trying to help him. It's understandable that he won't easily trust others but because of the way they meet, he has to know this person isn't exactly a threat.

The Verdict

We have a great new addition to the Bat-Family. He may not be an official member just yet but because he returns to Gotham and is connected to the Court of Owls, it's only a matter of time. Calvin Rose has a unique background as he didn't exactly choose the life he has. He didn't have a tragic childhood the way many others had that drove him to become a hero. Calvin is more concerned with his survival and fighting the Court of Owls. We get to find out more about him and his abilities as well as seeing a little more on Gotha City's past. Tynion and Snyder are a get pair to flesh out this new sub-world of the Batman Universe and Guillem March is nailing the action scenes while giving new characters and locations a familiar Gotham-type feel. TALON is definitely a book I now look forward to each month.