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Swamp Thing #23 - The Whisky Tree, Part 2 of 2


Swamp Thing has nearly been defeated by the Whisky Tree and John Constantine. See kids, this is why drinking is bad.

The Good

This is a pretty serious SWAMP THING story. Despite that, you can't help but smile a bit at the idea of a town being...possessed by evil whisky. Alec Holland has been on the trail of Seeder, a mysterious man who has been seeding different areas, which has actually been causing serious problems for Earth and the Green. When a small town in Scotland got the Whisky Tree, it seemed like it would rejuvenate the sleeping town but not necessarily in a good way. With John Constantine showing up, he too fell under the evil spell and put Swamp Thing out of commission.

Charles Soule is doing some cool things here. He's clearly making this series his own and is taking it in different directions. Having Swamp Thing in different areas with different threats offers a new look at the character. The book still has that creepy feel to it, especially when you see an entire town crazy due to the evil whisky.

The art by Kano and David Lapham captures the vibe of the story nicely. There's a lot of vegetation that is required here and they make it look great. The look of the townspeople reflects on the mood of them all being possessed. It just might make you rethink the next time a tree sprouts nearby offering free drinks.

The Bad

It was an interesting two-part story but there's a feeling as if too much is happening all over the place at the same time. Even though Seeder was involved, he's not really in the issue. We're also waiting to find out more about Capucine, last seen in issue #1. Before we can get any answers on either of them, next month the series is being interrupted for Villains Month. That also made this story feel as if it wrapped up a little too quickly at the very end.

The Verdict

Swamp Thing versus a Whisky Tree. This is why comics are great and it's a blast reading what Charles Soule has cooking for the series. Swamp Thing was nearly defeated and has also had John Constantine to deal with. Soule is setting up different storylines and it's great seeing what's coming up. We're getting some great stories with great art that doesn't feel like a typical comic book.