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Swamp Thing #15 - Rotworld: The Green Kingdom, Part Three


Rotworld continues as Swamp Thing tries to make his way towards Gotham. What are the chances he'll like what he finds there?

The Good

Rotworld has given us a chance to see a dark and twisted version of the DC Universe. Things go from bad to worse as Swamp Thing and Deadman try to make their way to Gotham. Swamp Thing is convinced Abby is still alive, despite being told my many that she died a year ago (Swamp Thing somehow ended up a year into the future when chasing after Anton Arcane).

The nice thing about stories like this is anything goes. Because the world has gone to hell, it's possible for Scott Snyder to warp and twist the world and characters. You won't know who might show up or who will survive. The way the story flips back to the present adds to the suspense of the story as you await for each layer to unfold. You want to hope for the best but because this is Snyder writing, we know the worst (for the characters) could be waiting around every corner.

The anticipation builds as Swamp Thing gets closer to Gotham. You might think you know where the story is going but of course Snyder is going to throw in some twists to catch you off guard.

The scenes of devastation are pretty cool. Marco Rudy manages to toss in little Easter Eggs for this decimated DC Universe. Each time you see something or someone familar, you can't help but want to know more about what happened right before Swamp Thing arrived.

The Bad

As much as I'm enjoying the story and seeing the different results of the Rot's victory, there are moments it feels it's dragging on a tiny bit. It feels like Swamp Thing and Deadman have been on this journey for a while. We see on the cover that Swamp Thing is going to arrive in Gotham but it doesn't happen until the final pages.

I really dig Marco Rudy's art but it's more about the character design/concept for those inflicted by the Rot and Anton Arcane as well. They're supposed to be creepy as hell but with the colors in a printed form, they don't completely come across that way. I get a more Toxic Avenger vibe than something truly scary.

The Verdict

Things are not looking good for Swamp Thing. Actually, things aren't looking too good for the entire DC Universe. In the midst of the Roworld story arc, it looks as if everything is pretty much lost. Swamp Thing now has to make his way to Gotham but that won't be an easy trek. Flashbacks to seeing what Abby's fate may be is interesting but you have to wonder how that will come together with Swamp Thing's portion. The art and little glimpses of other parts of the DCU are great but those affected by the Rot just don't work for me. It's a problem I've had from the first time we saw them in the series. Don't try to guess how the issue will end because Scott Snyder doesn't do what you might think. Next issue is bound to get even crazier.