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Superman Unchained #7 - Out of Time


Not only do you get Superman fighting for his life at the Fortress of Solitude, be prepared for some Batman fighting as well.

The Good

After barely managing to save the world from nuclear destruction, Superman now finds his Fortress of Solitude under attack lead by General Lane. As we're heading towards the end of the series, Scott Snyder gives us what we want. We get some huge battle scenes. Superman is such a powerful character but doesn't always get to fully cut loose. Superman vs General Lane and the Army isn't the only fight we get. Wraith isn't too happy with Batman and takes his fight to his doorstep.

It's not all fighting as we see some great interaction between Superman and Lois. As great as it is seeing Superman and Wonder Woman together, these pages make you long for the days when there was more going on between them.

With all the action, it's great seeing Jim Lee's art here. This is what we've been waiting for. There's also a new look for a character due to the circumstances and as crazy as it is, it's something I'd love to see again.

The Bad

It's been how long since the last issue? Unfortunately issue #6 came out in March. As I started reading this issue, I had to stop and go back and re-read issue #6. Yes, things happen to cause delays. It just really disrupts the momentum this series is building.

That being said, what's going on with Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen. I believe they haven't been seen since issue #4 (November 2013). It'll be weird seeing Lex is a more evil role the next time he shows up in this series since so much has happened in the rest of the DC Universe with him.

As great as the action scenes are, the nit-picker in me can't help but wonder how Superman or Batman will be able to repair or replace some of the precious things that have been damaged. It makes great visuals but I can't help think about the bigger picture and trying to return everything to how it was.

The Verdict

As you would expect, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee deliver another giant explosive issue. There's no holding back as the fighting and action takes the center stage. Lee's visuals are eye-opening and you'll love seeing every panel. It's not just non-stop action as Snyder gives us some more interaction between Superman and Lois that make you long for the old days. The biggest problem with this series is the release schedule. For whatever the reason is, it's deeply affecting the pacing of the story. It's unfortunate because I believe I'd enjoy this even more if I didn't have to keep going back to past issues to remind myself what happened. Regardless, I will stick it out to the end to see what Snyder and Lee have coming in the final two issues.