Comic Vine Review


Superman: American Alien #1 - Dove; The Castaways


We've seen the story of Superman as a kid but it's not often we've seen the struggles he's faced trying to figure out who he is and where he belongs.

We're all familiar with the story of Superman's life, growing up on a farm in Smallville. We've seen different versions where he's had his powers at a young age and others where they developed at a later age. Even though there have been SUPERBOY series from time to time, this issue gives a refreshing take on Clark as his powers just begin to develop.

When it comes to Superman, we've probably all thought about what it'd be like to have some or all of his abilities. As amazing as it would be, Max Landis shows us the scarier part of suddenly gaining powers. For example, imagine suddenly flying or floating up and not having a clue how to stop. It's a great look at young Clark dealing with who he is. There's heartbreaking scene with with Pa where he says, "I'm so unhappy...I'm scared--I just want to be normal." That's not normal talk for a kid or something they should deal with. Often kids do feel isolated or different from others but Clark is different to an extreme level. It's also great seeing Ma and Pa Kent since they were taken out so early in The New 52.

Nick Dragotta's art with Alex Guimaraes' is great to look see. There's a great mix of innocence combined with moments of terror. Seeing Clark and the Kents in their younger years is fun. Dragotta really captures the struggle and emotions Clark is going through. It'll be interesting to see how the story flows into the next part with the art changing in each issue. (Tommy Lee Edwards is up next).

Despite already knowing how Clark's childhood story ends, Landis, Dragotta, and Guimares are making this a fascinating read. We all know the story but we're getting to see what it was like for Clark, as a child, to go through the changes of his emerging powers along with the insecurities and fears he had to deal with. If you're looking to just escape and see an early chapter of Superman's life, this is definitely worth checking out. You'll be reminded why you love Superman so much.