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Superman #9 - Secrets & Lies


Superman's saving a submarine. But that's not the main focus here. His secret identity is in jeopardy. Seems there's quite a bit going on that he's not aware of.

We're getting a bit of a classic feel to Superman here but it's not quite enough to make this issue stand out.

The Good

If you want some mysteries, you'll get some here. Right away on the cover you see there's something going on with a submarine that Superman tries to save.

This isn't the only plot development we get. Just as in the 80s, the idea of Superman having a civilian secret identity comes up. As the argument goes, you have to wonder why anyone would suspect he would bother having one. Being able to do everything he could, would Superman want to live a normal in life in their eyes? We obviously know the answer. There are also some other clever points brought up as to how and why he could possibly have one. It's a nice update on the idea of someone trying to uncover the truth.

Dan Jurgens and Jesus Merino's art is really growing on me. Jurgens brings that classic 80s feel and they are really making the "New 52" version of Superman work. He's older here than he was in the first issues of ACTION COMICS but should be a bit younger than the pre-New 52 Supes. I'm even getting used to the updated costume.

The Bad

There's a lot of emphasis put on that submarine. Saving the sub will "doom" the world? We barely get an explanation about it. It's build up for the next issue but shouldn't have been the focus on the cover.

Lois and Jimmy were unnecessary here. I brought it up before, Lois is working in a different division. She's running a television network while Clark is still writing for the Planet. Seems she doesn't have anything better to do than wait around for Clark to return so she can scold him.

A new villain is introduced. The lack of a backstory didn't make care about her.

The Verdict

I really want to like SUPERMAN. I was borderline between a 2 and a 3. There are elements I enjoyed but they were just outweighed by the haphazard presentation. Perhaps the cover's focus on a minor part of the issue shouldn't held against the entire issue but unfortunately it's a factor. We're getting different pieces to separate stories, all combined in a single issue. It provides set up for what's to come but it makes the issue lack a cohesive feeling. Jimmy and Lois' appearance feels random or as if they were thrown in just to give them an appearance. Jurgens and Merino's art is really becoming what I think of for Superman in the "New 52." Each month I keep waiting for something to happen. Helspont a couple issues ago felt as if the series was finally going somewhere. I really need and want something to change here so I can enjoy the series more. Superman is one of DC's most iconic character. He deserves more.