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Superman #712 - Lost Boy, A Tale of Krypto the Superdog


It might be a "lost classic" or fill in issue but because it has Krypto and is written by Kurt Busiek with art by Rick Leonardi, who's going to complain?

Set during the time after Superboy died in Infinite Crisis, Krypto takes the center stage in this "lost classic."

The Good

Honestly I had no idea who was involved in the creation of this issue. When I saw Krypto was on the cover, that's all I needed to know to want to read and review it. It turns out Kurt Busiek wrote this story with Rick Leonardi doing the art. Originally there was another story planned for this issue. There's been some talk/controversy over why the change happened. I'm not concerned with the why, I'm an thankful to get this story.

This is a story about Krypto. I'm not sure how much I can go on about why I loved this without spoiling key moments. We know that while Superboy was living on the Kent Farm, he and Krypto formed a relationship. Every boy should have a dog and of course a Superboy should have a Superdog. It's not really a spoiler but because we see the time when Superboy died during Infinite might be able to imagine how hard this issue pulls at your heartstrings.

Busiek is brilliant. Who would've thought an issue mainly focusing on a dog could be so compelling. But then, it is Krypto we're talking about. Maybe DC will decided to do a relaunch book of Krypto after the first 52 books hit the stands and Busiek can write it.

The Bad

I like Rick Leonardi. I do think he works better with some characters over others. On the first page I felt Krypto looked a little too skinny. But in those certain...emotional scenes, dang if I wasn't completely sold on the story telling.

The Verdict

This is an emotional look Krypto when Superboy died. That's all you really need to know. Kurt Busiek gives the perfect balance of setting up the relationship between Krytpo and Superboy and what happened afterwards. Krytpo is a cute and cuddly superdog but you can't just throw him in an issue and expect it to be a hit. Busiek must have done some sort of mindmeld with a dog in order to capture and convey the true nature of a dog suffering a loss. Rick Leonardi has proven his artistic skills over the years. While I wasn't crazy about the way Krypto looked on page one, the portrayal throughout the issue matched Busiek's script perfectly. I haven't even made a dent in this week's stack of comics but I know I can safely say this is my pick of the week.